Fifteen Plant Changes of Note

One of our local growers, who we have been working with for a few years, experienced a personal tragedy that has affected their ability to grow the specific plants we ordered from them. As a result, there are some crop failures among the 18 plants varieties we had listed in the catalog from them, and some substitutions and late additions. 

Here’s the list, with information on the substituted or additional plants. 

A006 Begonia Belleconia Soft Orange: Substituting a mix of the Jurassic begonia series in a 6” pot for $10.00 The Jurassics are grown for their large, interesting leaves.

A018b Late addition: Cape Primrose, Streptocarpala saxorum (photo below). This African violet relative is semi-trailing. Its lavender blossoms with white eyes dangle below gray-green fuzzy, succulent leaves. Makes a good houseplant, too. $5.00 in a 4” pot.

A022 Crop failure (no substitution): Elephant Ears, Heart of the Jungle.

A078 Crop failure (no substitution): Whopper Begonia Red with Bronze leaves.

A079 Whopper Begonia Red with Green Leaves: substitute Big Begonia Red with Green leaves (very similar to Whopper Red with Green).

A080 Whopper Begonia Rose with Bronze leaves: substitute Mistral Begonia, pink flowers, dragonwing-shaped leaves (photo below).

A081 Whopper Begonia Rose with Green leaves: substitute Dragonwing Rose, similar though probably not as tall as the Whopper.

A111 Crop failure (no substitution): Coleus Tidbits Terry

A135 Crop failure (no substitution): Coreopsis Mercury Rising

A181 Gerbera Daisy Revolution Mix will be two specific colors, Red with Dark Eye and Red/Lemon

A213b Late addition: Geranium (Pelargonium) Catalina

A216b Late addition: Ivy Geranium (Pelargonium) Sofie Cascade

A403 Crop failure (no substitution): Salvia Little Kiss

A419 Snapdragon, Bizarre Mix: We will have these but they will be in 4-packs instead of single pots, and they will be very small. This plant has been extremely hard to get, though, so we are giving it a try.

C009b Late addition: Cardinal Climber, Ipomoea x multifida. Ferny leaves with scarlet red, mini-morning glory flowers in mid-summer. Twines. 10’h, annual. Great for hummingbirds and hard to find as plants because they get so tangled... but these looked really great in the greenhouse!

We also added some nice-looking succulent dish gardens (photo below), which will be located along the back wall checkout line for easy pickup. They'll be priced at $16.00.

Begonia Mistral Pink shown in a hanging basket (the ones at the sale will be smaller than this).

Cape Primrose, shown in a basket after it has been growing for a while (the ones at the sale will be smaller than this).

Catalina geranium

Sofie Cascade ivy geranium

Succulent dish gardens... find them along the path to the checkouts, $16.00.

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