Hellebore Substitutions

The bad news: the long winter of 2018 has claimed almost all of the hellebores we had planned for the sale.

The good news: we've been able to arrange substitutions for them, and even added an additional variety. Most are from the Honeymoon series, created by Hans Hansen, formerly of Minnesota.

You can view all of the substituted hellebores here and add them to your list. Here are their photos:


Hellebore Honeymoon Romantic Getaway (subbed for Vavavoom Pink).

Hellebore Honeymoon New York Night (subbed for Rome in Red).

Hellebore Honeymoon Paris in Pink (subbed for Wedding Party True Love).

Hellebore Honeymoon Tropical Sunset (subbed for Winter Jewels Harlequin Gem).

Hellebore Honeymoon Rio Carnival (subbed for Wedding Party Confetti Cake).

Hellebore Wedding Party Dark and Handsome (late addition, not a substitution).

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