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This year Minnesota Water Garden Society (MWGS) will be outside, next to the Garden Fair, selling a wide variety of water and bog plants (also good for rain gardens), both hardy and tropical, as well as goldfish, shubunkin, and koi. Payment for these plants will be made at the MWGS booth.

Consult with experts on your needs and desires before you buy. Many plants can be grown in containers and you don’t even have to worry about daily watering! 

MWGS was founded in 1997. Its mission is to increase enjoyment and ­enthusiasm for water gardening through ­promotion, education, and shared experiences.

MWGS will be doing a workshop on container water gardens at 12:30 on Saturday in the Garden Fair. Full description here.

Minnesota Native

Arrowhead Sagittarius latifolia
Small white flowers in spring. Grown for large arrowhead-shaped leaves. Edible tuber. $10.00

Bog Bean Menyanthes trifoliate
Three-lobed leaves grow from rhizome along water’s surface. Trailing roots good for fish spawn. $2.00–10.00

Bulrush, Soft-Stemmed Scirpus validus
Graceful, blue-green cylindrical foliage. Less aggressive than cattails. 2–6’h $4.00–$10.00

Horsetail Equisetum hyemale
Scouring rush for wet feet in a pond or ­rain­garden. $9.00

Iris, Blue Flag Iris versicolor
Beautiful periwinkle iris for shallow water or raingarden. $4.00–10.00

Jewelweed Impatiens capensis
Annual impatiens for wet feet. Speckled orange blossoms. Self seeds. $3.00–$6.00

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris
First to bloom in spring. Bog charmer with cup-shaped yellow flowers. $4.00–$20.00

Monkey Flower, Lavender Mimulus ringens
Snapdragon-like lavender flowers. For pond edge or rain garden. 3–4’h $4.00–$8.00

Pickerel Rush Pontederia cordata
Long, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with bluish purple spikes of flowers. Full sun. 2–3’h $13.00

Rush, Three Square Scirpus pungens
Triangular foliage cross-section forming ­arching wands. Shoreline. 2–3’h. $4.00–$6.00

Sedge, Lake Carex lacustris
Clumping lakeshore sedge for accent or wildlife. 3–4’h $4.00–$15.00

Water Horsetail Equisetum fluviatale
Frilly sun to shade native with fine foliage. Can be mowed. Good for container or edge of pond. $3.00–$8.00

Water Plantain Alisma plantago-aquatica
Like a hosta for the water, with baby’s breath flowers. $5.00

Minnesota Hardy

Angelica Angelica gigas
Large plant for moist woodland or bog. Blooms burgundy in fall. Pollinator attractor. $3.00–$7.00

Arrow Arum Peltandra viginica
Dense clump of arrowhead leaves with red stems. Part to full shade. 1–2’h Z5–8 $10.00

Bloody Dock Rumex sanguineus
Edible herb in the sorrel family that likes wet feet. Strong red veins on dark green foliage. $3.00–$8.00

Butterbur Petasites hybridus
Huge leaves. Likes moist woodlands or bogs. Deer- and rabbit-resistant. $3.00–$10.00

Cattail, Dwarf Typhus laxmannii
Graceful foliage that does not take over the pond. 3–4’ tall. $2.00–$9.00

European Brooklime Veronica beccabunga
Glossy green ground cover with blue flowers for stream or trailing over the edge of a ­container. $3.00–$9.00

Floating Heart Nymphoides peltata
Like a miniature water-lily with small, cup-shaped yellow flowers. Plant 1–5’ deep. $4.00

Forget-Me-Not, Water Myosotis scirpioides
Periwinkle blue flowers for wet feet, bog or raingarden. Full sun to part shade. $4.00–$10.00

Horsetail, Dwarf Equisetum scirpoides
Gorgeous miniature horsetail with fine ­segmented foliage. $3.00–$5.00

Iris Laevigata Iris laevigata
A true water iris, deep blue with a bold white streak in each petal. Great bloomer. $4.00–$8.00

Lizard’s Tail Saurus cernuus
Heart-shaped leaves and drooping white flower spikes, best in part shade. 2–3’h $10.00

Mare’s Tail Hippurus vulgaris
Frilly upright spires for pond edge or stream. 1’h $4.00–$8.00

Rush, Corkscrew Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’
Curly spirals in compact plants add interesting shape. $11.00

Sweet Flag, Variegated Acorus calamus variegatus
Iris-like foliage with unusual vertical varie- ­­ga­tion. Maintenance-free. 2–3’h $1.00–$10.00

Thalia Thalia dealbata
Unique, powdery, canna-like leaves with ­purple flowers along arching stem. 5–6’h Z5–8 $13.00

Thalia, Red Stem Thalia geniculata f. ruminoids
Large green leaves and red stems. 6–10’h Z5–8 $13.00

Water Celery Oenanthe
Great filtering bog plant with celery-like foliage. $3.00–$8.00

Water Celery, Variegated Oenanthe ‘Flamingo’
Like regular water celery, but with tricolor variegated leaves. Green, bordered white with pink tinges. $3.00–$8.00

Zebra Rush Schoenoplectus zebrinus
Strong horizontal striping. Likes cool water/shade. 2–3’h $12.00


Bog Lily, Red Cirum menehune
Delightful Hawaiian plant. Burgundy foliage and pink spiky flowers. $3.00–$9.00

Calla Lily, Giant Zantedeschia aethiopica
Showy white flowers with orange stamens. For full to dappled shade. $5.00–$20.00

Parrot Feather Myriophyllum aquaticum
Excellent feathery appearance near ponds or streams. Softens rock edges. $9.00

Rain Lily Zephyranthes
Graceful, thin foliage explodes in pink or white crocus-like blossoms after a rain. Bulb. $6.00

Taro 3–4’h elephant ears. $2.00–$15.00
‘Black Magic’ Colocasia esculentaVelvet black-maroon foliage on ­burgundy stems.
‘Imperial’ Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum—Dark green foliage with velvety black between veins.
Violet Stem Colocasia esculenta ‘Fontanesii’—Large green foliage with violet stems.

Umbrella Palm Cyperus alternifolius
Maintenance-free accent for container or water garden in shade or part sun. 4–6’h $12.00

Waffle Plant Hemigraphis colorata ‘Exotica’
Compact ground cover. Dark, glossy green leaves with purple tinges and underside, white blooms. $9.00

Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes
Floating plant great for filtra­tion/containers. Glossy bulbed leaves and showy lavender flower. Sun. $6.00

Water Snowball Gymnocoronis spilanthoides
Stems trail along the water’s surface, covering it with shiny leaves and small round white flowers. $10.00

Water Lettuce Pistea stratiodes
Floating plant great for filtration/containers. Fuzzy-leaved rosettes, good for shade. $6.00

Water Zinnia Wedelia trilobata
Ground cover. Likes wet feet and full sun. Small, single, zinnia-like yellow flowers. $3.00


These canna are considered “water canna” to be grown in damp soil or wet feet. They are great in containers or along the edge of the pond. Do not submerge the crown more than 1–2” below water. $2.00–$15.00

Black Knight: Deep maroon foliage with ­velvety dark red flowers. 4–5’h

Endeavor: Narrow blue-green leaves with red flowers. 4–5’h

Erebus: Flamboyant pink flowers with lighter blue-green foliage. 3–4’h

Florence Vaughn: Dynamic orange blossoms with yellow edges. 5–6’h

King Humbert: Large purple leaves with green stripes. Orange/yellow flowers. 5–6’h

Taney: Orange to salmon speckled blooms. Powdery blue-green foliage. 4–5’h


Nelumbo nucifera

These are member-grown bareroot tubers. Not all varieties are available every year. Planting instructions included. In general, a round tub 18–24” in diameter and less than 12” tall is best. $5.00–$30.00

Chawan Basu: (S–M) High petal count; peony-like blossoms. Pink edges, creamy ­center.

Momo Batan: (S) Super-high petal count on lovely dark pink peony-like blossoms.

Maggie Belle Slocum: (L) Classic pointed lotus flowers of deep fuschia. Large and free-flowering.

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum: (L) Large flowers with depth of color pink/salmon/cream. Super-easy to grow. Prolific bloomer.

Rice Paper: (S) Pure white with high petal count. Will grow to container size, so can be kept smaller.

Tulip: (S–M) Classic pointed lotus flowers in pure white.

Exquisite Chinese Bowl Lotus

Nelumbo nucifera

Don’t know what to do with that beautiful ceramic bowl or your grandmother's soup terrine? Try growing these miniature (think bonsai-like) lotus. These are potted and greenhouse started. Suitable for containers 8–10” in diameter, but will also do well in a small pond in 12–18”-diameter bowls. $45.00–$50.00

Beautiful DancerAlways one of the first lotus to bloom: the color of the first day flower will take your breath away! The opening flower is a vivid pink changing into extra light yellow with pink on the outer edges of the petals as it matures. Classic lotus shape and lots of flowers.

Jade Tower with DrunkardThis little lotus blooms and blooms from spring through summer. First-day blooms white with purple edges changing to all white by the third day. Classic lotus shape.

Pink TowerA perfect solid light pink with multiple petal count, shaped more like a peony blossom.

Princess AbbyA diminutive jewel with bright, peach color on the first-day, cup-shaped flower. Perfect for growing in pots but will also flourish in the shallow areas of a garden pond. Watch the color changes that each new day brings. It is very common to see multiple flowers on this lotus.

Pure GirlOne of the smallest lotus, with pure white flowers with occasional green tips on the inner petals. Often has multiple buds, blooms, and seed pods. The dark green leaves are only a few inches in diameter and can be dramatically affected by changing the pot size. 

Red in SunsetDeep red petals and a spectacularly symmetrical flower shape make this a favorite in China. The flower is usually cup-shaped on the first day.

Sweet AcaciaExtremely light yellow, almost creamy white, with a faint hint of green. Well-suited to smaller pots, it ensures late summer flowers. 

Water Lilies


These are member-grown bareroot divisions. Not all varieties available every year. Planting instructions included. Also a selection of unknown varieties at a fantastic price are available. $5.00–$35.00

Alba: (L) European white waterlily. White star-shaped flower, large green pads.

Attraction: (S) Red with white tint on outer petals. Very easy to grow. Great bloomer even in less sun.

Barbara Dobbins: (L) Large light pink petals held above water. Mostly green pads with some purple mottling.

Black Princess: (M–L) One of the darkest reds available. New foliage is burgundy, maturing to green. Cooler water.

Charlene Strawn: (M) Clear yellow blossoms with fragrance. Green pads with some ­mottling.

Chromatella: (S) Primrose yellow blossoms. Maroon and green pads. Great bloomer even in less sun.

Colorado: (L) Salmon-pink. Green pads with purple mottling. Fantastic bloomer in full sun.

Denver: (M–L) High petal count of creamy yellow. Large green pads dappled with ­purple.

Escarboucle: (S) Vermillion red prodigious bloomer with some fragrance. Green pads.

Fabiola: (S) Cup-shaped pink flowers with fragrance. Bronze pads mature to green. Good container plant.

Georgia Peach: (M) Orange/pink ­blossoms stay open late into the day. Mottled pads, cooler water.

Helvola: (Mini) Canary yellow blossoms with olive and purple pads. Good for containers.

Indiana: (Mini) Changeable orange to pink blossoms first vs. second day.

Joey Tomocik: (M–L) Strongest yellow for Minnesota. Prolific bloomer stays open late in the day. Green and purple pads.

Layderkeri Fulgens: (M) Crimson flowers, green pads. Good for shallow and mid-sized ponds.

Mayla: (L) Brilliant fuchsia blossoms with high petal count. Needs large container and some shade.

Minnesota native white (Nymphaea odorata): White flowers and large green pads. Not a prolific bloomer, but can be naturalized in ponds.

Moon Dance: (M–L) Creamy blossoms stay open late for moonlit ponds. Green pads. Winters well.

Patio Joe: (S–M) Salmon blossoms. Vigorous. Purple/green mottled pads. Winters well.

Perry’s Baby Red: (S) Cup-shaped deep scarlet prolific bloomer. Green pads. Good for container or small pond.

Perry’s Double Yellow: (M–L) Free-flowering yellow with many petals and some fragrance. Flecked pads.

Pink Grapefruit: (M) Pink to salmon ­blossoms, holds color well. Green pads with some purple flecks.

Pink Opal: (S) Relatively large pink blossoms on small spreader make this good for containers. Green pads.

Reflected Flame: (M) Brilliant scarlet ­flowers. Purple pads mature to green with mottling.

Sunfire: (M–L) Rare. Large pink blossoms fade to salmon/yellow. Prolific bloomer even in part shade.

Wanvisa: (M) Rare. Surprise: Pink, yellow, and salmon speckled and solid in each bloom. Gorgeous mottled pads.


Shubunkin, goldfish, and koi are available in assorted sizes and colors. Fish will be bagged. Bring your own container for ­transport. $3.00–$160.00


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