Wisteria - Aunt Dee


Wisteria macrostachya
Variety Name:
Aunt Dee

Cloned from a vigorous vine growing near the Minnesota River in Bloomington. Pale purple (almost white) blooms.

Charming flowers in long hanging clusters in May or early June, followed by fruit pods that remain throughout winter. Best on a strong arbor or pergola. Rapid grower, but tolerates brutal pruning. A big vine that needs a strong support. Twining.

Other varieties of Wisteria:

Climbers - Perennials
sun,  part sun-part shade,  
1 gal. pot
Wisteria 'Aunt Dee', close up of flower, lavender-blue and white
Photo from Malmborg's

Symbol Key

    Sun, Part Sun/Part Shade, Shade
  •  Bee-Friendly
  •  Bird Food Source
  • Butterflies
  • Cold-Sensitive
  • Culinary
  • Edible Flowers
  • Ground Cover
  • Hummingbirds
  • Interesting Foliage
  • Medicinal
  • Minnesota Native
  • New This Year
  • Organic
  • Poisonous to Humans
  • Rock Garden
  • Saturday Restock