COVID Tests Available at the Plant Sale

As it says on our COVID safety page, we are requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test to shop at the sale this year. (We are also requiring masks within the sale area.) The details of what level of vaccination and what kind of tests are on that page.

If you don't have proof of vaccination and are not able to test in advance, there will be rapid testing available at the sale, right next to the entrance of the wristband/check-in part of the Garden Fair:

  • Testing will be done by a third-party testing service, TCS Occupational Services. They have a testing location in Roseville among other locations and work with events, gatherings, and travel testing. 
  • The process will take 15–20 minutes to get results. 
  • Please note that the testing is NOT free of charge, but may be covered by your insurance, depending on your policy. If it's not covered, the charge could be up to $75.00.
  • Friends School Plant Sale does not receive any payments from the testing.

If you need testing to shop and are able to do it ahead of time, you can find free community test sites here (Ramsey County and Hennepin County) and here (including sites across Minnesota). 

Some of the community sites listed on those links have walk-in options, while others require appointments. Many community sites are only open Monday–Friday, though some are open on the weekend.

It’s important to realize that some of the free sites only have tests that provide results the next day, rather than while you wait. Check the information carefully before making your plans. For instance, the MSP airport test gives a PCR (saliva) test, which is good for 72 hours, but you have to wait up to 24 hours for the results.

If you have questions about testing requirements for the plant sale, email

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