Welcome our new head of school

Rick Juliusson with three students outside

We are pleased to have Rick Juliusson join us this year after three years at Monteverde Friends School in the cloud-forests of Costa Rica. His career in leadership has spanned many ­countries, and his deep love for children and community adds to the core sense of family in our school. Rick shares:

“What sets this school apart is the commit­ment to values; to infusing every ­lesson, action and ­interaction with a deeper meaning. Peace, justice, simplicity, integrity...these are values I have aspired to my whole life, and values that our graduates will bring into the world to make real change.”


Dear friends,

Thank you for helping our school grow! Your purchase and round-up donation goes directly to support the Friends School of Minnesota, a K–8 school in St. Paul providing ­progressive, Quaker-based education to over 150 students.

Your support helps keep the school affordable for a wider range of families wanting to be part of our learning community. We have one of the lowest tuitions in the state, and we have increased our financial aid program by 34 percent this year (to one of the highest levels in the state). We believe that any student who wants and needs our unique approach to schooling deserves to be here, and your support helps us live up to that commitment.

Your support is also helping us grow, through the four “pillars” of our Strategic Plan:

Equity: A consultant team is helping us rethink everything we do through an equity lens: curriculum, hiring, discipline, financial aid, admissions, culture... everything. Together, we are learning more about equity, diversity and inclusion, making our school community stronger for everyone.

Learning Differences: Our new Learning Specialist will lead assessments, design ­learning plans, and support teachers to better understand and support the unique learning styles of our students.

Quaker Identity: We are exploring how to more deeply live and teach our commitment to Quaker process and the values of peace, justice, simplicity, and integrity.

Advancement: We are working to deepen our relationship with supporters like you through our quarterly Friends Circle publication, school visit days, social media, and (soon) a new ­website. This school makes a deep difference not only in the lives our students, but also in the world they go out into, and the support of a broad community makes this possible.

Before joining the Friends Schools, I owned and operated a small organic farm on Vancouver Island. I know that pure excitement of receiving the seed catalogs while the snows still cover the garden. It’s a license to dream. My family and I will be buying plants on plant sale weekend to start our brand-new garden, joining you in this collective ­celebration of spring and renewal.

As you plant your garden, feel good that you are also ­planting a future for these students and the community. You are ­helping advance our mission “to prepare ­children to embrace life, learning and community with hope, skill, understanding, and creativity.”

Please sign up for our quarterly Friends Circle to see the fruits of your support, or come visit to explore enrollment or involvement: or 651-917-0636.

In Peace,

Rick Juliusson
Head of School, Friends School of Minnesota

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