Find the Pearls at the Sale

Thirty years is a long time to have a plant sale, so to celebrate our “pearl anniversary,” our listing this year includes at least 30 pearl plants. These plants have names that ­contain the word pearl, either in their common or variety name, and you’ll find them in every section, from annuals to vegetables and everything in between. For example, the succulent plant string of pearls is on the cover of the catalog and in the Miniatures & Succulents section.

Just selling some pearl plants didn’t seem like enough of a ­celebration, though. What else could we do to mark the anniversary? Well, how about a ­scavenger hunt during the sale?

Here’s how it will work on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

  • Pick up a scavenger hunt sheet at the Info Tent outside in the Garden Fair or from the greeters at the door as you enter the sale. If you forget to stop at one of those spots, we’ll also have sheets at the Info Desk under the center stairway.
  • Find each of the pearl plants in its spot at the sale.
  • Record on your sheet the word or words that will be on a sign next to each plant.
  • Turn in your completed sheet at the Info Desk (under the center stairway).
  • Win a pearly prize, and be entered into the grand prize drawing: a #1 wristband for next year's sale in 2020 and a $30 gift certificate.

Enjoy keeping an eye out for the “pearls” while you shop this year. And wear pearls to the sale this year to celebrate! We will, too.


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