Late Arriving Plants

It's a strange year... We have a pretty substantial list of late-arriving plants to tell you about. All of these plants have pages on the website and can be found in Find Plants — so you can put them onto your list.

Also! We will have seeds at the sale. They will be located at the northwest corner of the sale, under biggest tent of all, past the Herb row. 

And there are some remaining bulbs and bareroots left from the online store as well. Some are in very low quantity, while others are not. Plus there are two that were late arrivals (listed below). 

The late-arriving plant varieties include three that will NOT have reference numbers because we don't have room for them on the regular tables. Look for these three to the left of the Seed tables.

  • Annuals, Grab Bag - (geraniums, nemesia, sun daisy, salvia)
  • Million Bells, Assorted - your choice
  • Petunias, Assorted - your choice 

These plants will have regular numbers and be on the tables in numerical order:

A065b Fuchsia - Blutini
A194b Petunia, Trailing - Suzie Storm 

H007b Basil, Assorted
H020b Basil, Sweet Genovese Assorted
H021b Basil, Genovese Assorted DMR (larger pots)
H051b Lavender - Assorted 
H104b Sage - Assorted
H121b Thyme - Assorted 

M030 Jabuticaba
M043 Mondo Grass, Miniature 

N011b Bee Balm - Balmy Rose
N059b Iris, Northern Blue Flag (bareroot)

P001b Anemone, Japanese - Curtain Call Pink
P015b Astilbe - Straussenfeder
P016b Avens - Pretticoats Peach
P030b Blackberry Lily - Freckle Face 
P022b Barrenwort, Assorted - different species/colors
P085b Cranesbill - Biokovo 
P085c Cranesbill - Double Jewel 
P086b Cranesbill - Fay Anna
P167b Helen's Flower - Mariachi Siesta
P229b Lamium - Lemon Frost 
P244b Lily, Asiatic - Sundew (Bulbs & Bareroots)
P311b Phlox, Creeping - Sweet Seduction Pink 
P314b Phlox, EarliBeauty - Solar Flare 

S007b Arborvitae - Tiny Tim 

V047b Celery - Giant Red 
V080b Kohlrabi - Mixed 6 pack 

We will be adding a new PDF (and Excel file) of the plant listing to the Catalog page on Monday that includes these plants and will hopefully reflect crop failures so far as well. 

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