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The Minnesota Water Garden Society (MWGS) will be outside, between the ­curbside plant pickup area and the Grandstand, selling a wide variety of water and bog plants (also good for rain gardens), both hardy and tropical, as well as goldfish, shubunkin, and koi. Lots of plants, plus fish, fertilizer, and lotus tubs, too!

Consult with knowledgeable water gardeners on your needs and desires before you buy. Many plants can be grown in containers and you don’t even have to worry about daily watering! MWGS was founded in 1997. Its mission is to increase enjoyment and ­enthusiasm for water gardening through ­promotion, education, and shared experiences.


Carnivorous Pitcher Plants Sarracenia NEW

Carnivorous bog plants native to the U.S., with one species native to Minnesota. They require special growing medium and watering care, but are surprisingly easy to grow. These are 3- to 5-year-old potted plants that have a great start and should survive for many years. Care instructions included with each purchase. 

3-year-old, potted $15.00:

Catesby’s Vigorous hybrid with yellow-green and orange traps and wide red veins. Turns a deep reddish purple in winter. Early spring blooms have orangey-pink blossoms lasting through the year, resembling green daffodils. 6–10”h

Dixie Lace UNC hybrid with sturdy, upright, lacy red and white pitchers that resemble swollen smoking pipes with flat tops. Compact, vigorous readily forming colonies. Traps darken in fall and last all winter. Red and fragrant flowers bloom mid-season. Zone 5. 8–10”h

Maroon Naturally occurring hybrid of S. purpurea and S. purpurea x rubra. Dark maroon in color with a strong display in all seasons, including winter. Dark red flowers are fragrant and bloom in early spring. Zone 5. 6–8”h

Northern Purple Sarracenia purpurea purpurea Native Minnesota pitcher (sourced from N.J.). Deep reddish-purple on very stout waxy pitchers develops in the early fall and holds color through winter. Forms large colonies in the wild. Deep red flowers early, but flower stalks and sepals last through the year, resembling green daffodils. 2–8”h

Red Bug Vigorous UNC hybrid forms wide clumps with many pitchers. Green tubes at the base heavily infused with red at the top. Blood red petals contrast with a bright green seed-collecting plate, blooms in late April. Zone 5. 10–14”h

5-year-old, potted $20.00:

Judith Hindle Young trumpets are green, laced with yellow, with a green and white ruffled hood darken to deep red maroon with white, yellow, red and green mottling in the hood. Showy in the fall when other plants nestle in. Flowers are maroon red, globular, and mildly fragrant April–May before the pitchers develop. Zone 5. 8–14”h

Mardi Gras UNC hybrid. Sturdy, upright green pitchers with veiny, red and white tops. Lacy hoods with ruffled edges. Vigorous. Red fragrant flowers bloom early spring. Zone 5. 8–12”h

Yellow Trumpet Sarracenia flava One of the tallest pitcher plants, stately chartreuse hoods with red veins, a narrow reddish “neck” and huge showy fragrant yellow flowers. Not hardy in Minnesota. Southeastern native. 24–36”h


Angelica Angelica gigas
Striking plant for moist woodland or bog. Blooms burgundy in fall to hard freeze. Most-asked-about plant at the State Fair pond. 3–5’h 4” or 5” pot $3.00–$7.00

Arrow Arum Peltandra virginica Dense clump of arrowhead leaves. Reddish stems and calla-like flowers. Zone 5. 18–24”h  4” pot $4.00–$8.00

Arrowhead, Variegated Longleaf Sagittaria graminea ‘Crushed Ice’ Same as native arrowhead, but with mottled creamy white and green foliage. 18–24”h ∏Ó 4” pot $4.00

Arrowhead, Broadleaf Variegated Sagittaria latifolia ‘Fantastic’ ◊ Gorgeous mottling on broad-leaf arrowhead. ∏Ó 18–24”h 2” pot $6.00

Arrowhead, Double Sagittaria japonica NEW Double flowering broad-leaf arrowhead. ∏Ó 24–36”h 4” pot $8.00

Bloody Dock Rumex sanguineus NEW An edible herb (sorrel) with gorgeous dark red veins on deep green upright foliage that likes wet feet. Í∏ 12–15”h 4” pot $8.00

Butterbur Petasites hybridus Huge leaves. Likes moist woodlands or bogs. Deer- and rabbit-resistant. 36–48”h ∏Ó 4” or 1 gal. pot $3.00–$10.00

Cattail, Dwarf Typha laxmannii The best-behaved cattail. Full cattail look with smaller, graceful habit. 36–48”h Í∏ 4” and gallon pot $6–10.00

Cattail, Miniature Typha minima The true miniature. Dainty in a container. Catkins about 1” round. 12–15”h Í∏ 4” pot $8.00

Chameleon Plant Houttuynia NEW Tricolor variegated heart-shaped leaves on vining plant with underground rhizomes. 8–12”h ∏Ó 4” pot $7.00

Forget-Me-Not, Water Myosotis scorpioides Periwinkle blue flowers. Thrives in water and with wet feet. 6–8”h ∏Ó 4” or 5” pot $4.00–$10.00

Golden Club, Giant Orontium aquaticum ‘Red Giant’ NEW Sturdy leaves will float in deeper water, but remain upright in shallows. Showy multiple spadices covered with yellow ­flowers. Zone 5. 12–24”h ∏Ó 4” pot $8.00

Iris, Louisiana Iris louisiana NEW Native Southeastern wetland iris.Í∏ 24–36”h Black Gamecock Unmatched vigor of velvety purple-black 6” blooms. 4” pot $8–9.00

  • Fortune Finder Pale lemon ruffled blooms with fine violet veining. 2” pot $7.00
  • Peaches and Wine 2006 Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal winner. Pinkish peach with touch of yellow throat. 2” pot $7.00
  • Red Velvet Elvis 2005 Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal winner. Dark velvety red-black ruffled blooms with small orange spear. 2” pot $7.00

Iris, Water Blue Iris laevigata True water-iris. Deep blue-purple bloom with bold white streak. 24–36”h Í∏ 2” pot $5.00

Iris, Water Red Iris fulva True water-iris. Copper colored beardless flowers in damp soil to 6” below water. Zone 5. 24–36”h Í∏ 2” pot $6.00

Marsh Marigold, Double Caltha palustris ‘Plena’ Rare double cultivar of the native. Full yellow flowers like a zinnia. 12–15”h Í∏Ó 4” pot $15.00

Marsh Marigold, Giant Caltha polypetala Larger version of the native. 24–36”h Í∏Ó 4” pot $8.00

Pickerel Rush Pontederia cordata alba NEW Long, glossy heart-shaped leaves with white flower spike. ∏ 24–36”h 2” pot $5.00

Rosemallow, Crimson-Eyed Hibiscus moscheutos Dinner-plate-sized flowers, white with maroon eye. Loves heat, sun and wet feet.Í∏ 24–48”h 4” pot $3–$7.00

Rosemallow, Red Hibiscus coccineus NEW Large rose colored flowers in late summer. Vigorous grower in heat, sun and wet feet. May need winter protection. Zone 5.Í∏ 36–72”h 4” pot $3–$7.00

Rush, Corkscrew Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’ Fun curly spirals on compact plant add interesting shape.Í∏Ó 12–15”h 4” pot $8.00

Rush, Corkscrew Dwarf Juncus inflexus ‘Blue Medusa’ ◊ More compact plant with more consistent spirals. Zone 5.Í∏Ó 10–12”h 4” pot $8.00

Sea Mallow Kosteletzkya virginica NEW Eastern native that tolerates some salt. Smaller red hibiscus flowers bloom July–September. Zone 5. Í∏Ó 36–48”h 4” pot $3–$7.00

Sweet Flag, Miniature Golden Japanese Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ Darling with iris-like yellow-green foliage. Zone 5. 6–12”h Í∏ 4” pot $8.00

Sweet Flag, Variegated Acorus calamus variegata Iris-like foliage with vertical varie­ga­tion. Main­tenance-free. 24–36”h Í∏ bareroot $1.00–$10.00

Lotus Nelumbo nucifera

These are bareroot tubers. Not all varieties are available every year. Planting instructions included. In general, a round tub 18–24” in diameter and less than 12” tall is best. bareroot $5.00–$30.00

Apricot Pink NEW Multi-petaled pink petals with creamy center that drapes as it ages. S–M

Beautiful Dancer NEW Early bloomer, dark pink changes to peachy-yellow on classic shape. S

Celebration NEW Thousand-petals deep pink shows veining as it ages. Showstopper and reliable bloomer. S–M

Chawan Basu High petal count; peony-like blossoms. Pink edges, creamy center. S–M

Dancing Phoenix NEW Heavy bloomer of large creamy white with pink picotee edge on classic shape. S

Deepest Loving NEW Darkest red that doesn’t fade. Multi-petaled with long lasting blooms. M

Dripping Dew NEW Dark pink bud opens to pink that softens each day. Average 65 petal count. Holds shape well. S–M

Gold and Resplendence NEW Light yellow multi-petaled. Large blooms for smaller plant. S–M

Grandiflora Alba Pure white classic lotus cup shape. Fragrant. L

Holy Fire NEW Super easy and bountiful, best bloomer. Multi-petaled red with pink center. M–L

Jade Tower with Drunkard NEW Single and semi-double on same plant changes pink to white with pink edges. Can be adapted to small pots. S

Large Brocade-Edge NEW Large mostly white multi-petaled flowers. Blooms all summer long. M

Maggie Belle Slocum Classic pointed lotus flowers of deep fuschia. Large and free-flowering. L

Momo Batan Super-high petal count on lovely dark pink peony-like blossom. S

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum Large flowers with pink/salmon coloring on creamy white. Large and free-flowering. L

Perry’s Giant Sunburst Huge blossoms held high above leaves. Classic lotus shape of bright creamy yellow. Needs space. L

Pure Girl NEW One of the smallest lotus, great for small pots on the deck with pure white multi-petaled blooms. Prolific bloomer. S

Rice Paper Pure white with high petal count. Will grow to container size, so it can be kept smaller. S

Sparkle NEW Giant flowers on heavy bloomer. Green bud opens to multi-petaled golden center with blush pink. M

Sparks NEW Heavy-blooming red with classic lotus shape can be grown in small containers. S

White Chrysanthemum NEW Yellow multi-petaled prolific bloomer with good seed pods. S–M


Arrowhead, Broadleaf Sagittarius latifolia Small white flowers in spring. Grown for large arrowhead-shaped leaves. Edible tuber. 18–24”h ∏Ó 2 and 4” pot $4.00–$6.00

Bog Bean Menyanthes trifoliata Three-lobed leaves grow from a rhizome along the water’s surface. Trailing roots good for fish spawn. Height: surface Í∏ bareroot $2.00–$8.00

Bulrush, Green Scirpus atrovirens Clumping grass that tolerates water above the crown, with interesting flower bracts. Great for shoreline restoration and wildlife. 24–48”h Í∏ bareroot $3.00–$6.00

Bulrush, Soft-Stemmed Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani Graceful blue-green cylindrical foliage. Less aggressive than cattails. 2–6’h Í∏ 4” or 5” pot $4.00–$10.00

Cardinal Flower Lobelia cardinalis Bright red ­tubular flowers July–September. 24–48”h Í∏ 4” pot $3.00–$7.00

Cup Plant Silphium perfoliatum NEW Sunflower-like. Huge showy plant with sunflower yellow flowers tolerant of clay and likes wet feet. Leaves surround distintive square stem forming cup. 4–8’h Í∏ 5” or 1 gal. pot $5.00–$10.00

Horsetail Rush Equisetum hyemale Scouring rush for wet feet in a pond or raingarden. 18–24”h Í∏Ó 4”and gallon pot $7–12.00

Horsetail, Dwarf Equisetum scirpoides Darling miniature horsetail with fine segmented foliage. 4–8”h Í∏Ó 4” pot $7.00–$7.00

Iris, Blue Flag Iris versicolor Beautiful peri­winkle iris for shallow water or raingarden. 18–24”h Í∏ 4” $4.00–$10.00

Jewelweed Impatiens capensis Annual impatiens for wet feet. Speckled orange blossoms. Self seeds. 36–48”h ∏Ó 4” pot $3.00–$6.00

Mare’s Tail Hippurus vulgaris Soft bottle-brush stems rise above shallow water. Native lookalike of parrot’s feather. 6–12”h Í∏ 4” or 5” pot $4.00–$8.00

Marsh Marigold Caltha palustris First to bloom in spring. Bog charmer with cup-shaped yellow flowers. 6–10”h Í∏Ó 4” or 1 gal. pot $4.00–$20.00

Milkweed, Swamp Asclepias incarnata NEW Easily grown in poor to average moist to wet soil. This native narrow-leaved bloomer is particularly attractive to monarchs for both nectar and larva. Í∏ 36–60”h 4” pot $5.00

Monkey Flower, Lavender Mimulus ringens Snapdragon-like lavender flowers. For pond edge or rain garden 36–48”h Í∏ 4” or 5” pot $4.00–$8.00

Pickerel Rush Pontederia cordata Long, glossy, heart-shaped leaves with bluish purple spikes of flowers. 24–36”h Í∏ 4” pot $4.00–$13.00

Rosemallow, Halberleaf Hibiscus laevis Tropical-looking hibiscus with white to pink petals and maroon eye. Great for rain­gardens, bogs, pond edges and streams. 4–6’h Í∏ 4” pot $3.00–$7.00

Rush, Three Square Schoenoplectus pungens Triangular in cross-section, foliage forms arching wands for the shoreline. 18–24”h Í∏ 2” or 4” pot $3.00–$6.00

Sedge, Lake Carex lacustris Large, clumping lakeshore sedge for accent or wildlife. 36–48”h Í∏ 1 gal. pot $4.00–$15.00

Sunflower, Swamp Helianthus angustifolius Stately floriforous sunflower. Blooms September–frost. Tolerates many soil types. 5–7’h Í∏ 4” pot $3.00–$7.00

Waterlily, American White Nymphaea odorata Our only native water lily. White blooms. Can be planted in natural waterways. Height: surface Í bareroot $8.00–$15.00


Anachris Egeria densa NEW Underwater oxygen­ator. Great for ponds with fish or containers. Í∏Ó bareroot $4.00

Bog Lily, Red Crinum ‘Menehune’ Delightful Hawaiian plant. Burgundy foliage with spiky pink ­flowers. 12–36”h Í∏ 4” pot $9.00

Calla Lily, Giant Zantedeschia aethiopica Showy white flowers with orange stamens. 24–36”h ∏Ó 10” pot $5–20.00

Canna Canna
These canna are considered “water canna” to be grown in damp soil or wet feet. They are great in containers or along the edge of the pond. Do not submerge the crown more than 1–2” below water. Í∏ 4” or 10” pot $2.00–$10.00

  • Australia NEW Stunning crimson red flowers with dark black-green foliage. 4–5’h
  • Endeavor Narrow blue-green leaves, red flowers. 4–5’h
  • Erebus Flamboyant pink flowers with lighter blue-green foliage. 3–4’
  • King Humbert Striking purple leaves with green stripes with orange/yellow flowers. 5–6’h
  • Striped Beauty Prolific yellow blossoms on large green leaves with light stripes. 3–4’
  • Tanney Orange to salmon speckled blooms. Powdery blue-green foliage. 4–5’h

Frogbit, American Limnobium spongia Leaves float on water looking like a miniature water lily. Great for surface coverage in container gardens. Native to the U.S. Height: surface Í∏ bareroot $3.00–$6.00

Leather Fern Acrostichum danaefolium NEW Stunning specimen plant with sturdy leathery foliage. Great for bog filters. 48”h 4” pot $8.00

Mosaic Plant Ludwigia sedioides Floating rosettes in a unique diamond geometric pattern and small yellow flowers. A conversation starter. Height: surface Í∏ bareroot $8.00

Papyrus, Dwarf Cyperus haspan Shortest of the cyperus with a fuller leaf pompom on top. 12–18”h Í∏Ó 4” pot $8.00

Parrot Feather, Dwarf Red-Stemmed Myriophyllum spp. Miniature version of parrot feather with red stems. Striking in small containers. Height: trailing ∏Ó bareroot $5.00

Society Garlic Tulbaghia violacea variegata Fast-growing clump of beautiful cream and bluish-green variegation with lavender garlic-like flowers. 12–18”h Í∏ 10” pot $10.00

Taro Colocasia esculenta 3–4’h Í∏Ó

  • Black Coral NEW Glossy jet-black foliage. 2” pot $6.00–$7.00
  • Black Magic Velvet maroon-black foliage on ­burgundy stems. 4” pot $2.00–$12.00
  • Fantanesii Large green foliage with violet stems. 4” pot $2.00–$12.00
  • Imperial Dark green foliage with velvety black between veins. 10” pot $2.00–$12.00
  • White Lava NEW Glossy dark green leaves with stunning white veining. 2” pot $6.00–$7.00
  • Taro Alocasia amazonica 1–3’h Í∏Ó
  • Hilo Beauty NEW Striking lush green leaves with strong ivory mottling. 4” pot $8.00

Umbrella Palm Cyperus alternifolius Maintenance-free accent for container or water garden. 4–6’h ∏Ó bareroot $5.00–$12.00

Umbrella Palm, Dwarf Cyperus alternifolius gracilis ◊ Smaller version of Umbrella Palm for the smaller pond or container. 18–30”h ∏Ó 4” pot $8.00

Water Hyacinth Eichhornia crassipes Floating plant great for filtration and containers. Glossy bulbed leaves and showy lavender flower. 6–12”h Í∏ bareroot $6.00

Water Lettuce Pistia stratiotes Floating plant great for filtration and containers. Fuzzy-leaved rosettes, good for shade. 4–6”h ∏Ó bareroot $6.00

Water Lettuce, Rosette Pistia stratiotes ‘Rosette’ ◊ Really cute petite version of Water Lettuce with scalloped fuzzy leaves. 3–4”h ∏Ó bareroot $6.00

Water Petunia, Blue Ruellia brittoniana ◊ Tough plant that can grow anywhere. Blue petunia-like flowers. Second most-asked-about plant at the State Fair pond. 36–48”h Í∏ 2” pot $5.00

Water Petunia, Compact Ruellia brittoniana ‘Katie’◊ Less woody mounding dwarf. Blue petunia-like flowers. 8–12”h Í∏ 2” pot $5.00

Water Petunia, Pink Ruellia brittoniana ‘Chi Chi’ NEW Dark green foliage on long stems covered with pink, petunia-like flowers. 18–24”h Í∏ 2” pot $5.00

Water Snowball Gymnocoronis spilanthoides South American native. Trailing stems along the water with white pompom flowers. Can be cut back to promote more flowers. Zone 5. 12–18”h Í∏Ó bareroot $4–6.00

Waterlily Nymphaea

These are bareroot divisions. Not all varieties available every year. Planting instructions included. Also a selection of unknown varieties at a fantastic price are available. bareroot $5.00–$35.00

Alba European native white waterlily. White, star-shaped flower, large green pads. L Í

Arc-en-ciel ◊ Best pads on a hardy: olive green speckled with cream, pink and yellow. Large very spiky flowers held above water soft pink fades to blush. S–M Í

Attraction Red with white tint on outer petals. Very easy to grow. Great bloomer even in less sun. S Í∏

Barbara Dobbins Large light pink petals held above water. Mostly green pads with some purple mottling. L Í

Charlene Strawn Clear yellow blossoms with fragrance. Green pads with some mottling. M–L Í

Chromatella Primrose yellow blossoms. Maroon and green pads. Great bloomer even in less sun. S Í∏

Chrysantha NEW Petite cup-shaped changeable. Peach to blush with mottled pads. S Í

Chubby NEW Blush to pale-pink 4” flowers with classic shape. M Í

Colorado Salmon-pink. Green pads with purple mottling. Fantastic bloomer in full sun. L Í

Denver Multiple petals of light yellow. Large green pads dappled with purple. M–L Í

Fabiola Cup-shaped pink flowers with fragrance. Bronze pads mature to green. Good container plant. S Í

Firecrest NEW Dark pink cup-shaped flowers with dark green pads. M Í

Froebelii Cup-shaped bold red flowers. Bronze pads mature to green. Great container plant. S Í

Georgia Peach Orange/pink blossoms stay open late into the day. Mottled pads, cooler water. M–L Í

Gonnere NEW Double pure bright white like a snowball with slight fragrance. M Í

Helvola Canary yellow blossoms with olive and purple pads. Great for containers. Mini Í

Hollandia NEW Double-petaled 6” pink flowers. Good bloomer. M–L Í

James Brydon NEW 2006 Aquatic Plant of the Year from 1900 introduction. Rose-red, reliable. New pads are maroon, changing to green. M Í

Joey Tomocik Strongest yellow for Minnesota. Prolific and stays open late in the day. Green and purple pads. M–L Í

Layderkeri Fulgens Crimson flowers, green pads. Good for shallow and mid-sized ponds. M Í

Little Sue NEW Adorable small changeable peach to coral star shaped petals with fragrance. Great Container lily. S Í

Mayla Brilliant fuchsia blossoms with high petal count. Needs large container and respite from full sun. L Í∏

Moon Dance Creamy white blossoms stay open late for moonlit ponds. Green pads. Winters well. M–L Í

Patio Joe Salmon pink blossoms. Vigorous. Purple/green mottled pads. Winters well. S–M Í

Perry’s Baby Red Cup-shaped deep scarlet prolific bloomer. Green pads. Good for container or small pond. S Í

Perry’s Double Yellow Free-flowering yellow with many petals and some fragrance. Flecked pads. M–L Í

Perry’s Fire Opal Reliable large blossoms of deep pink with multiple petals on a smaller lily. S–M Í

Pink Grapefruit Pink to salmon blossoms, holds color well. Green pads wth some purple flecks. M Í

Pink Opal Relatively large pink blossoms on small spreader make this good for containers. Green pads. S Í

Red Spider NEW Free-flowering spiky-red petals like a spider. Green pads with purple speckles. M–S Í

Starbright Very long star-shaped white flowers with subtle hint of pink. Pads lightly flecked with creamy yellow. M–L Í

Sunfire Fairly new. Large pink blossoms with brilliant salmon/yellow centers. Prolific even in part shade. M–L Í∏

Tetragona NEW Smallest of the small, considered pygmy. Pure white adorable flowers great for containers and small ponds. Mini Í

Texas Dawn NEW Reliable yellow hardy. Will hold blooms above water. Give this one space and stand back. L Í

Wanvisa 2010 Waterlily of the Year. Unusual variable colors make each bloom from same plant a surprise. Pink, yellow, and salmon speckled and solid in each bloom. Gorgeous mottled pads. M Í

Waterlily, American White Listed under Native.


Shubunkin, goldfish, and koi are available in assorted sizes and colors. Fish will be bagged. Bring your own container for ­transport. $3.00–$160.00

Landon’s Aquatic Fertilizer

Try the only fertilizer that Longwood Gardens will use on their waterlilies and lotus, based on trial results. Packaged in 5-ounce baggies perfect for both Lotus and Waterlilies. $5/5 ounces

Lotus tubs

Perfect for small to medium lotus and large waterlilies. 6-gallon tubs for $20



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