Natural Bulb Protectors

Long-time Plant Sale volunteer Ceil wrote in to tell us about her proven method for protecting her newly planted bulbs from roaming garden critters:

“Henry saw these in my newest flower bed a few weeks ago and said I should take a picture and send it to you.

“I use whatever sticks I find on the ground (and over the years I have way more than I need) and poke them around and among freshly planted bulbs (and other flowers that rabbits and squirrels like to eat) to protect the bulbs from being dug up and eaten by said r’s and sq’s. It discourages them and the method works!”

Tulips and daffodils grown up and blooming in the bed -- the sticks are still there

I asked Ceil if she removes the sticks in spring, or what, and she sent in this picture in response — the sticks are still there, and the blooming tulips and daffodils outshine them.


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