Photos from a Past Sale

We just received a bunch of sale photos from 2008, which was a bright and sunny week for the sale. They were taken by Richard Y. Kain, grandparent of a Friends School student. Thanks, Dick!


Friends School kids help unload plants on Wednesday and Thursday before the sale.
The plants come off the trucks and have to find their way to the correct spot on the table... not as simple as it might sound!
On Friday morning, shoppers waited for opening time by checking their lists and conferring with other shoppers. It was a beautiful day in 2008 (unlike 2010). Let's hope 2011 is half as nice as 2008!
The crowd waits to get in, just before opening time.
A shopper carrying her plants.
Conferring in the coleus.
A moment of temporary plant parking.
This shopper is checking his list before heading to the checkouts, making sure he had everything written down and priced.
Into the home stretch!
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