Plant Sale 2002

We recently found a stash of photos from the 2002 Friends School Plant Sale, when the sale was still held at the Friends School building. Most of these were taken from the roof of the building, and you can see the line stretching down the block. You can also see the straw we used to spread on the grass to protect it, which didn't really work. 


Tables full of plants and a line of people stretching down the block into the distance

All of the tables in this photo (on the east side of the school) are sitting on land owned by the city of St. Paul's public housing, rather than by Friends School. So we were killing their grass every year. 

A white popup tent with piles of boxes, customers waiting on the sidewalk

Boxes were handed out from the white popup tent at the corner.

Cars and an RV parked with tables full of plants in the foreground.

The shoppers entered through the center sidewalk, and the RV parked on the street served coffee, cookies, and our then-famous Rice Krispies bars (made in a home kitchen... so much for food safety!). 

Lots of people standing in a line down a sidewalk.

Here's the line from the entrance. It went around the block.

People with boxes streaming into the plant sale

Finally, we opened the "door" at 11:00 a.m. back in those days, and everyone flooded in at once.

Woman in yellow T-shirt with blue logo, looking at coleus plants

This was before we had the tie-dyed T-shirts. Volunteers wore these yellow shirts with the old Plant Sale logo on them. The tie-dye shirts were an innovation the same year we moved to the State Fair Grandstand (2005) so we would be able to find each other in the huge space!

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