Save your plant shopping list by Feb 25!

It has been six years since Friends School Plant Sale has upgraded its website. We'll be doing that again soon, with a relaunch coming in March.

If you have a plant shopping list on the website, there's one part of the website changes that affects you directly:

Your user account and your plant shopping list CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED to the new site!

To keep a copy of the information in your plant list as a reference:

  • Log into the website with your email address and password,
  • Go to My Plants,
  • Using the buttons at the bottom of your plant list page, either print out your list with the Print List button, or save it as a PDF with the “Save as PDF” button.

The deadline to save your list is February 25!

After our new website becomes available in March, you can create a new account on the site and then start a new shopping list from the 2023 catalog of plants, which will be available by that time.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but it was unavoidable. We hope the improved usability of the new website will make up for it in the coming years.

This also means that now is not a good time to start a new plant list on the website, unless you want to do it over again in month or so. Wait until March!


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