Scavenger Hunt Report

More than a hundred people participated in our 30th anniversary "pearl" scavenger hunt.

We placed special green signs next to all 35 plants that had "pearl" in their common name or variety name. On the signs we put a word or two, which the person on the hunt had to record onto their entry form.

When it was completed, it looked like this: 

scavenger hunt forms handwritten but various people

That completed text reads like this:

Thirty years of love and labor
Have brought us to this sale.
All our shoppers and loyal volunteers,
Who are our pearls so bright,
Please fill your carts
And we’ll have nothing left
But empty shelves
On Sunday night.

The poem was written by Annamary Herther, poet laureate of the Friends School Plant Sale and former school secretary of Friends School of Minnesota. It turns out she was completely correct about having nothing left but empty shelves on Sunday night, as this was just about the way our shelves looked an hour before we closed on Sunday:

empty wooden shelves made of 2x4s, row after row

We weren't sure the scavenger hunt would work, but it seems to have been a success for the people who took the time to do it. Thank you for being part of the anniversary celebration!

Everyone won their choice of a plant (the Daughter of Pearl phlox, the Black Pearl ornamental pepper or the Pearly White Japanese painted fern) OR a bag of pearly 30th anniversary M&Ms. 

After that, everyone was entered into the grand prize drawing: a #1 wristband at next year's sale and a $30 gift certificate. We drew one slip from among them all later in the afternoon Sunday as the valiant deconstruction crew was working around us to pack everything up for next year.

And the winner is .... Mary M. We are contacting her to let her know about the prize!


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