What's Left for Sunday?

Hello, Friends School Plant Sale gardeners!

Looking for a good deal on plants? All plants are 1/3 OFF on Sunday, May 12! We're open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the State Fair Grandstand. Wristbands will be given out starting at 9 a.m.

We have had a busy first two days of the sale, but there are still a substantial number of plants left in many areas.

You can tell if a plant is sold out already in the Find Plants section of our website. Here's what you might find:

Hanging baskets

If you need a last-minute gift for Mother's Day, there are quite a few hanging baskets!


Rack of flowering hanging baskets for sale
Pearly White painted fern
Small Pearly White painted fern in pot with plant label




Of course, in honor of our 30th (pearl) anniversary, there are many pearl plants available. Take the scavenger hunt to find these plants, like the Pearly White painted fern here.

Fairy gardens

Lots of darling miniature plants for your fairy garden, especially ground covers. Also many succulents, both in the miniature section and in the perennials section (hens and chicks). Check out the cute mini arborvitae, including the very Minnesotan "Tater Tot" variety.

Green leafy plants in pots


Lots of impatiens, both in jumbo 6-packs and smaller 4-packs. There are begonias and a good sampling of salvia. Look for the Charm Pink begonia, which wasn't in the catalog. Not many coleus remain, although this Electric Lime variety is fun.


Very few hostas, sedums, and astilbe remain, though there are a wide range of other plants left: primrose, coral bells, columbine, and much more.

Shrubs, roses and trees

Lots of rhododendrons and roses remain. Some varieties of peonies have several pots left, though many are sold out. Many pretty crabapple trees and gorgeous balsam firs! There is a lower number of other shrubs than have remained in recent years for the Sunday sale, but there are still some standouts that make for good serendipity shopping.

Fruit trees in pots


Fewer apple trees are left than in recent years, but there is still a good selection of varieties. However, there is little left for other fruit. There are some currants, figs, grapes, lingonberries, and plums.

Bulbs and bareroots

At least half of the varieties we had to start have bulbs and bareroots remaining. Lots of color for your garden!


Pretty much every vegetable has some variety left. Lots of tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, carrots (seeds), peppers, onions, and more. Plus, grow your own mushrooms indoors! Note: We moved the mushrooms to the center of the Grandstand near the Info Desk.

Flat of small native plants

Native plants and grasses

Several mixed flats for ready-to-plant butterfly gardens or rain gardens (each with 10 different flowers). There are also several mixed six-packs of milkweeds to attract monarch butterflies and feed their caterpillars. Lots of hepatica, which is an early-spring bloomer. Leadplant, turtlehead, and purple prairie clover are also great additions to your native garden. There are several pretty grasses, sedges, and rushes left.


As usual, the herbs selection is a bit sparse. Find some varieties of lavender, plus rosemary, sage, peppermint, dill, and lots of Italian parsley.


Not much left in this section; very few clematis.

Pink Lillies in small pots in a flat

Rare Plants

Plenty to choose from here, especially woody peonies, mangaves, and these pretty maiden lilies.

There are fewer plants remaining for the last day than in recent years, but still lots to choose from. We hope to see you on Sunday!


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