Doing the Sale

Seeds & Bulbs

The seed and bulb/bareroot is now closed, but…

Seeds, bulbs, and bareroots were for sale online through April 28. If you purchased bulbs, tubers, or bareroots before then, you can pick them up at curbside during the plant sale May 6–8. You do not need a shopping time to pick up your order. You can see how to get to the curbside pickup area on the Sale Maps page. You'll get an email reminder with the pickup hours.

The online store is now closed. The remaining seeds, bulbs and bareroots will be for sale at the in-person sale May 6–9 and you can now put them on your shopping list. The seeds we’re selling are all intended to be ones that you can direct-sow into the ground and still get flowers or an edible crop this season, rather than have to start them indoors.