One-third off plants on Sunday!

Petunia in dark pink, medium pink, and white.

Multicolor petunia, Colorworks Homare

Many shoppers look forward to great deals on plants on the last day of the Plant Sale. Today (Sunday, May 8), plants are ONE-THIRD OFF on Sunday, May 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We had a busy first two days, but there are still a substantial number of plants left in just about all areas. And starting early tomorrow morning, you can tell if a plant is sold out already on our website. You can see a plant's soldout status in two places: if it's on your shopping list OR when you go to Find Plants and look at the list with the photos. (For instance, use the left sidebar/filters to see just one section and page through it. If a plant doesn't say SOLD OUT, you can put it on your list for today.

Note: We are NOT able to update sellouts during the discount sale on Sunday! Only things that sold out by Saturday night will show up as sold out on the website. 

Here's what you might find at the sale today:


More annuals are left than in recent years. No impatiens or marigolds, but some lisianthus, coleus, flowering tobacco, and petunias, lots of poppies, And why not try one of the Cannova cannas? Flowers sold as seeds (cosmos, sunflowers, nasturtiums) are well represented. Outside, the hanging baskets are still pretty full. Remember, these baskets are grown for going outside right away -- no babying them indoors until June. The only ones sold out are petunias, mixed herbs, and strawberries.


Lots of clematis! Some hops, and a selection of other types.


Good selection. The most available: Raspberries, strawberries, serviceberry, rhubarb, cranberries, blueberries, pear and plum trees. Apples are represented by Empire and the columnar Scarlet Sentinel and cherries by Montmorency. Smaller numbers of grapes, goji berries, and hardy kiwi.


Good selection across the whole list, including lots of basil in most of the varieties. Mixed herbs in 4-packs, lots of oregano and lavender -- pretty wide selection.

Miniatures and Succulents

The new Miniatures section has a lot of great plants left. Fewer succulents than miniatures, though. Remember, the first half or so are hardy in Minnesota, and the last half (starting with Aeonium) are not hardy, but often make good houseplants or can be over-wintered indoors.

Natives and Grasses

Wide availability of natives and grasses, generally. Not much milkweed left, though (go monarchs!). A good number of the mixed rain garden full flats and substantial numbers of asters and black-eyed Susans.


There is a good selection of plants left in the perennial section, including many hostas and great peonies. More than half of the original list of bulb and bareroot lilies and daylilies is left. Don't forget the water plants are in the back left corner (near the spot where you enter checkout area). Lots of the native Arrowhead and other good options!

Rare and Unusual

Lots left. Tree peonies and other rare peonies, almost all varieties of martagon lily bulbs, and lady slippers. Plus more.

Shrubs and Trees

Decent selection across the board, including hydrangeas, cardinal bush (Weigela), roses, evergreens, and a smaller number of magnolias.


There are vegetables of almost all types (except potatoes). Lots of tomatoes. We even have cuke-nuts! The one other item within vegetables that is generally sold out is anything sold as seeds.


We hope to see you at the sale on Sunday, May 8 -- 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It's going to be a beautiful day! (Remember, you can take the bus for free, too!)

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