Plant Receiving

Adult volunteer and two students moving plants from a truck

We start plant receiving early on Wednesday morning before the sale date.

Plant receiving
Wednesday, Thursday
Ability to lift 20 pounds
Lifting and bending continuously throughout shift

Move plants from trucks to staging areas within Grandstand, and then place them in their assigned table locations. Knowledge of plants useful but not necessary. Bring gardening or work gloves!  Sign up online now

Volunteer signups opened on February 1.

Some of these volunteer shifts may already be full on particular days, especially during setup and plant receiving.

Bulb bagging
Wednesday, Thursday
Work standing up throughout shift; otherwise, low physical demands
Place required number of bulbs or roots in each bag, staple bag shut with label provided, and place in bin.  Sign up online now

Plant labeling and seed prep
Standing and walking throughout
Detail orientation

Place plant label sticks one per plant or pack in flats as directed. Write prices or put stickers on seed packets and organize packets in boxes. Sign up online now