Doing the Sale

What's New?

The floor plan is different

Be sure to check out the new floor plan map! We’ll have detailed maps available.

  • The big sections—Perennials, Vegetables, and Annuals —are all relocated. Unusual & Rare has moved, too.
  • There are big changes in the hanging ­basket department. This year, all our hanging baskets are cold-tolerant enough to withstand temperatures down to 40°. So now they are located outside next to the Bulbs & Bareroots shelves.
  • Miniature Plants are now in their own section, combined with the Succulents. The plants are separated within the section by hardy and nonhardy.

Free bus rides to the sale!

We’re coordinating with Metro Transit. Download a free ticket for your round-trip bus ride here.

Seed packets are now on the tables

The seeds now have catalog numbers and we will put them on the tables in alphabetical order, just like the plants. The seeds are mostly vegetables and herbs, but there are a few flowers, too.

These varieties all grow well when planted outdoors in May. 

Our seeds are all untreated; they’re from North Star Nursery in Faribault and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

Outdoor Info Tent

Stop by the new Info Tent in the Garden Fair, near the Wristband Booth. We can answer questions about the sale and the school, or help you figure out your shopping strategy. The main Info Desk remains inside the building, under the center stairways, to help with your shopping questions. We’re near the Master Gardeners, who are there to answer your ­specific gardening questions. 

And of course — a new website

You've probably already noticed we’ve updated our website. 

Aside from an updated design, the major change is that the new site works a lot better on your phone or other small devices. We’ve also streamlined it in a lot of ways that we hope you won’t notice—you’ll just feel as though it works better. 

One detail we know you’ll like: plants that are not available will automatically be noted on your shopping list, and even plants that have sold out Friday should be noted in case you’re planning to shop on Saturday.

As with the old site, you can make a shopping list to bring to the sale and save your list from year to year. If you saved a shopping list on the old site, though, we’re sad to report that it couldn’t be transfered when we changed to the new site. The good news is, we can give you a link to print out your old list if you email us at

New plants

Last but not least, there are over 500 new varieties in the sale this year. You’ll notice lots of new hosta, lilies, iris, daylilies, peonies, stonecrop, coleus, hydrangeas, roses, and ­magnolias.

Plus almost two dozen new tomatoes, more than a dozen new hot or sweet peppers, and more heirloom apple and cold-hardy grapes. Plus the return of carnivorous plants.