Doing the Sale

What's New?

Dahlia Cornel


We have always sold small-scale dahlias that fit nicely into containers or garden beds. This year we are offering 17 larger varieties, including a number of tall and very large-flowered types. Some of them are being sold as tubers, which keeps the cost down. Those are located outside with the Bulbs & Bareroots. Others are potted because they’re so large that they need a headstart in Minnesota. (See the full lists of new varieties here and here.)

Dahlias are a whole gardening world unto themselves, as we’ve been learning. We hope you enjoy these new plants!

New Plants

There are over 370 new plants at the sale: 

  • 78 annuals, including all of those dahlias, plus six coleus, the return of nasturtiums in six-packs, five petunias, three sun daisies, and five zinnias. 
  • 20 clematis (and six other new climbers).
  • Six apples (all U of M introductions), four Yezberry honeyberries, a thornless raspberry, and the Archer strawberry, which is said to be the size of a plum.
  • 11 herbs.
  • 11 miniatures and succulents, plus new ­varieties within the mixed flats of succulents (mixed Crassula, Echeveria, cacti, and a general assortment, listed at M065). 
  • 116 perennials (five daylilies, four delphiniums, three wild indigos, 15 hostas, 31 lilies, 15 peonies, and nine irises—including the return of Louisiana iris). We’ve also brought back flowering sage and clustered bellflower, two underappreciated but long-blooming perennials.
  • 28 shrubs or trees, including seven roses and three Korean spicebush (Viburnum carlesii) varieties.
  • 35 unusual and rare plants, with more ­hellebores and peonies, and including Japanese lady’s slippers and several other items from a grower in Japan we recently started working with. Plus a daylily bred by local daylily maven Karol Emmerich.
  • 42 vegetables (nine peppers, 14 ­tomatoes).

Free Bus Rides to the Sale!

For the third time we’re coordinating with Metro Transit to offer free trips to the sale, including the A Line rapid transit bus on Snelling Avenue, right outside the main gate of the Minnesota State Fair. (We hear ­carrying a flat of plants on the bus is a great conversation starter.) Download a free ticket for your round-trip bus ride here.

Minnesota Water Garden Society logo

Even More Water Plants

We are once again partnering with the Minnesota Water Garden Society, who will be selling an even wider range of water plants (plus bog plants and fish) outside, between the curbside plant pickup area and the sale exit (look for the water lily on the sale map). Come talk to their knowledgeable volunteers about all things beautiful, damp, and growing.

A full listing of the plants they’ll be selling can be found here. Payment will be made at their booth.