YES! There will be a 2021 Friends School Plant Sale, a fund-raiser for the Friends School of Minnesota, a small Quaker K – 8 school in Saint Paul.

We're making many changes for everybody's safety, and will keep updating these pages. 


Thursday and Friday, May 6 and 7
Saturday, May 8
Sunday, May 9





“Doing” the Sale

For more than 30 years, shopping at the Friends School Plant Sale at the Minnesota State Fair has been the great get-together for gardeners. 

What will be different in 2021?

It will be outdoors
The sale will be in the huge parking lot that’s the Midway during the State Fair.
You'll need a time slot to shop
To keep with public health guidelines, everyone will sign up ahead of time for a shopping time slot.
Seeds, bulbs, and bareroots will be sold online only
Purchase them ahead of time. They will be sold completely separately from the plants at the Fairgrounds.

The sale will open a day earlier than usual and with extended hours. 

Find out more: Map and floorplan | What's new | Getting in | Checking out


Recent New Plants
Habanada pepper, orange pointed shiny wrinkly peppers
Photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Alcea Bibor Feho, two-tone purple scalloped flowers
Photo courtesy of Dave's Garden user poisondartfrog
Portulaca ColorBlast Double Guava, five gold petals and dark magenta double center
Photo courtesy of PAC Elsner/Westhoff - www.pac-elsner /
Hosta Sun Mouse, bright yellow-green leaves
Photo from Walters Gardens
Classic Magic Mix Centaurea, dark purple and light lavender bachelor buttons
Photo from Johnny's Selected Seeds
Pteris mayi, light green with slightly darker green edge, irregular shaped leaves
Friends School Plant Sale photo by Pat T.
Phlox Jeana, many small flat lavender flowers clustered
Photo from the Mt. Cuba Center trial gardens
Rosa Ringo, light yellow petals with pink to peach center
Photo from Spring Meadow Nursery
Brandywise tomato, very large red tomato
Photo from Fruition Seeds
Calendula Alpha, orange daisies with wide centers and many petals
Photo from Johnny's Selected Seeds
Bidens Bee Alive, small-centered daisy with petals in copper and gold
Photo from Ball Horticulture
Petchoa Cinnamon, rusty orange petunia-like flowers
Photo from Sakata Ornamentalsa
Echinacea Green Twister, light green-tipped petals on pink coneflowers, curved up petals
Photo courtesy of Dave's Garden user 33libra
Takame Ruby buckwheat, pink flowering buckwheat
Photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Llium Viva La Vida, recurved petals, yellow with very dark red centers
Photo from
Dianthus Pinball Wizard, double pink pinks!
Photo from Select Seeds
Clematis Piilu, lavender with double centers
Photo from Walters Gardens
Coleus Main Street Ruby Road, bright pink centers, light green and purple edges, long leaves
Photo from Dummen Orange
1500 year old cave bean, maroon and white kidney beans
Photo from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Tagetes Strawberry Blonde, pinkish outer petals, orange to gold inner
Photo from Thompson and Morgan
Important News

No to neonic pesticides

The plant sale's planners have worked hard to make sure our plants have not been treated with neonicotinoids, common pesticides that are now suspected of killing bees and other pollinators.

(Image: Bee on Mexican sunflower, Tithonia rotundifolia. Photo by Michelle Mero Riedel)