Over the years we've made various time-lapse videos of the sale, or captured other video.


Roll Through the Plant Sale, 2022

From outside in Perennials, past Climbers and Miniatures, then Native Perennials and Shrubs to Grasses. Then we go inside to Annuals, past Herbs and Vegetables and back to conclude at the door to Grasses. Accompanied by a somewhat sleepy version of Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee."


Three-Minute Plant Sale, 2017

See the whole plant sale from setup to sale to cleanup in about three minutes. This video shows the sale from above the vegetable section with the perennials in the back of the room, looking toward the Information Desk on the left.


Three-Minute Plant Sale, 2014

See the whole plant sale from setup to sale to cleanup in three minutes. This video shows the sale from two different angles, one overlooking the vegetable section, and another looking toward the perennials and Information Desk.


Three-Minute Plant Sale, 2007

During the 2007 sale, we did a time-lapse photography video of the sale, starting with set up on Monday night. Note: There is no sound for the first several seconds, so don’t worry if you hear nothing until the titles end.


2010 Sale, KSTP

On Friday during the 2010 sale, we were visited by a KSTP Channel 5 cameraman. Here’s the result of his work.


A Quick Spin through the Sale, 2008

What can you do with a shopping cart and a video camera? (No children were involved in the making of this video.)


270 Degree View of the 2007 Sale

If you're curious about what the whole sale looks like, this video shows it in a slow pan from the west end of the building (looking over the roses) to the north side where the perennials are located along the back of the room, and then around past the annuals to the south side of the room. It's 40 seconds long.