Friends School Plant Sale 2021 pseudo-catalog cover

While we are happy to say there will be a Friends School Plant Sale in 2021, we are less happy to say there will not have a printed catalog to go along with it this year.

Instead, all of the plants for this year's sale can be seen in the Find Plants section of this site

Printable listing: You can also see them in this simplified, printable listing (as either a PDF or Excel file) of the plants in order of their catalog numbers, with their names, pot sizes and prices.

Because many things about the sale may continue to change as spring approaches, due to COVID, we don't want to distribute a finished catalog that can't be updated. We know this is a big change! And we're sorry for its absence this year.


Use Find Plants: We hope you will take advantage of the great features in Find Plants to look through photos or search for plants that meet your garden's needs by height, light, color or other requirements. We've made a short video with tips on getting the most from the Find Plants feature


Please check out the Garden Fair page — it includes the exhibitors who would have been at the 2020 plant sale.


To get on our a catalog mailing list for next year, send an email to



Because there was no Friends School Plant Sale in 2020, there is no 2020 catalog posted here. We made the decision to suspend the sale (and the Minnesota State Fair had cancelled our reservation at the Grandstand) two days before our print date.

Below are our past print catalogs as 60-page PDFs. The PDFs are bookmarked for easy access to each section.

(Note: If you prefer to download the PDF instead of viewing in your web browser, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) and choose “Download Link to Disk.”)

If you have trouble accessing these PDFs, please email and we can email directly to you.