Garden Fair

A photo from one of our past Garden Fairs.

Garden Fair exhibitors help make the wait pleasant by sharing their creativity, products, and information.

Garden Exhibitors

A painted barn quilt in blue red and white

Barn Quilts

Choose a two-foot square painted wooden barn quilt to hang on your fence, house, deck, or garden pole. Go to Barn Quilts by Mary on Facebook to see samples.



Cowsmo Inc. makes and sells organic compost and potting soils throughout the midwest. It is owned and operated by fifth-generation dairy farmers near Cochrane, Wisconsin. Cowsmo Compost is the finest compost available in the Midwest. Check their website for local businesses in the Twin Cities and suburbs where the compost is sold.

Down Home Enterprises

Garden art, from rusty garden flowers to a mix of stained glass to bird feeders to kinetic movement. Steel, glass, stone and antique finds. Whimsical snails, insects to enjoy in your garden setting.

Copper-roofed birdhouse

Eddie’s Artwork

Eddie crafts copper and cedar ­garden art, birdhouses, and birdfeeders. Find him on Etsy. WE APOLOGIZE: Eddie had to withdraw from the Garden Fair at the last minute.

Metal flowers in blue, pink and red

Garden Iron Creations

Trellises, benches, planters, arches, and décor. Tin animals, metal art, and baskets.



Growing Blue Flowers

My insect repellants, hand sanitizers, salves and soaps are all handmade with 100% ­natural ingredients, in harmony with nature.

Holistic Health Farms

Reasonably priced burlap coffee bags for weed barrier and a ­million other purposes. Can also be arranged for easy pickup at their site near the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Plastic plant sticks in primary colors

Honey Do Products Plant Stakes New

Mark herb, vegetable, and flower gardens with these 7.75” plant marker stakes, available in 56 plant names from Asparagus to Zucchini and Alyssum to Zinnia. The perfect gift for your favorite gardener.

Huge leaf cast from concrete, hand-painted green

KM Leaves New

Concrete leaf casts, each one unique— starting from an individual leaf that is cast and then hand-painted using ­outdoor acrylic paints. They can be used indoors or outdoors, as centerpieces, bird baths, yard decorations, and much more! Most can be hung on a ­vertical surface using embedded hooks on the back.

A dragonfly made from flatware

Melby Works New

Stephen Melby, a shipyard welder, creates whimsical, fun metal ­garden art upcycled from flatware, golf clubs and North Shore rocks. Visit Melby Works on Facebook or email him.

Minnesota Rusco

This remodeling company offers patio doors and garden windows.
Minnesota State Horticultural Society logo, green leaf symbol

Minnesota State Horticultural Society

Frustrated by the mountain of inaccurate or irrelevant growing info for northern ­gardeners? We get it—we live and garden in a short season, too. For 155+ years, the Minnesota State Horticultural Society (MSHS) has been ­supporting northern gardeners of all ages and skill levels with Northern Gardener magazine, classes, an online Resource Hub, blog and bimonthly enews. Find growing tips and inspiration for this area, so you can spend less time digging for info and more time enjoying your garden. MSHS members save $5 on a purchase of $50 or more at the Friends School Plant Sale, among many ­other discounts. Not a member? Join our growing northern gardener community today!

Minnesota Water Garden Society

MWGS was founded to increase the­ ­enjoyment and enthusiasm for water gardening through promotion, ­education and shared ­experiences. It offers a news­letter, meetings (currently video-­conferencing), pond parties, and a Garden Tour open to the public. Membership is $35 per year. Check out its activities and great water garden resources at its website, or follow them on Facebook. Their plant listings in the Garden Fair are on pages 5 and 6 of the catalog.

Minnesota Waterscapes New

Landscape contractor specializing in water ­­features. Builds new water gardens: ponds, ­waterfalls, fountains. Also provides maintenance ­services and repairs. Email for a free copy of “7 questions to ask when choosing a water feature.”  See our blog post and special offer with donation to Friends School because of the sale's cancellation.

Northern Sun

Products for progressives since 1979, ranging from social justice, environmental, and humorous ­messages printed on gardening and environmentally themed T-shirts, aprons, canvas bags, ­stickers, buttons, political lawn signs, and more. Located at 2916 East Lake Street.

Of Nature

Sculpture and jewelry created from natural objects that are encased in copper and other metals. Finished with sculpture wax to make a lovely ­addition to your garden.

Ramsey County Master Gardeners

Selling Atlas nitrile garden gloves and offering plant and garden information.

River Bend Gardens

Items to beautify your garden. We’ll be selling:

  • Amethyst garden rocks, from large for outdoor gardens to small for flower pots and fairy gardens.
  • “Imagination” flower pots from antique and collectible treasures.
  • Garden sculpture and miscellaneous garden items.
  • Simple organic fertilizer kits.

A new name for Old River Road Antiques.

Orange hammock-like chair hanging from wooden pieces and ropes

Sky Chairs

Hand-crafted in Minnesota and sold only at street fairs and festivals. And after the sale, we still support our customers the best way we know how: just like a SKY chair. WE APOLOGIZE: Sky Chairs had to withdraw from the Garden Fair a few days before the event.


Exquisite hand-cast stepping stones for the exterior and interior of the home. Plus flagstone, slate, river rock, ledge stack, and interior tiles.

Two Mikes

Green Fin Plant Care is a 100% natural fertilizer sourced responsibly from invasive carp species that are damaging Minnesota waterways. Made locally in the Twin Cities area, Green Fin Plant Care is great for home, garden or field use and contains the rich nutrients your plants and crops crave.

Food Vendors

Cinnamon rolls, gooey and brown


Gourmet mini cinnamon rolls, ice cream, sundaes, floats, shakes, hot and iced drinks.

Kettle Corn

Popped fresh with a mix of sweet and salty. It’s a State Fair treat in May!


Smokey’s Charbroiler

Featuring quarter-pound chopped beefsteak burgers, all-beef hot dogs, and breast-meat chicken strips. Plus bratwurst, fancy extra-long french fries, onion rings, corn dogs, grilled chicken or ham sandwiches, and fountain pop. Coffee and breakfast offerings, too. Smokey's hours:

Dark gray taco truck

Taqueria el Victor New

Tacos and more selections!