Doing the Sale

Checking Out

All our photos are from past sales, so the checkout tables are shown indoors and no one is wearing a mask.
Woman waving flag while sitting at a table, customer with cart full of plants


Keep track of your plants

At the checkouts you will need the plant’s name, its cost, and how many you have. This is important: Shoppers who do not record the cost and quantity for each plant will have to go to the Price Check so they don’t impede those who have recorded the information.

If you have a plant that you cannot identify, stop by the Info Desk under the big ramp outside in front of the Grandstand before getting into the checkout line. All prices must be recorded on your sheet before checkout.

How does it work?

Checkout is a two-step process: Your plants are added up in one area, based on your tally sheet, then you pay at the cashier tables.

We are primarily cashless again this year. You will be able to pay for your plants with check, Apple Pay, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express, or cash. Checks should be made out to Friends School of Minnesota or FSM.

Always write the full price of plants on your ­tally sheet. On ­discount Sunday, the one-third discount is taken at the register.

How long does it take?

Be advised that you may have to wait to check out, but as always, we work hard to minimize the wait time.

After checkout, you can leave your plants at curbside pickup and return to get them in your car. (If you used one of our shopping carts, the cart must be left at curbside pickup and cannot be taken to your car.) Volunteers in orange vests will help.