By their nature, tomatoes are vining plants that  tend to ripen fruit over an extended period of time. That is called "indeterminate." These are traditionally staked or supported.   

Determinate tomatoes, on the other hand, tend to be bushier and to ripen their crop all at one time. This is a feature that ­canners and freezers might note. They are also better for container growing.

These are the determinate tomatoes at the 2023 sale:

  • Bush All Star
  • Cherry Falls
  • Defiant
  • Early Annie
  • Early Doll
  • Martino’s Roma
  • Micro Tom
  • Minibel
  • Mixed Hybrids
  • Mountain Pride
  • Northern Delight
  • Red Robin
  • Roma Long
  • Saucy Lady
  • Vivacious