Setup (Before the Sale)

Two women preparing to hang a sign that says Perennials

(Sale photos are from pre-COVID days.)

Some jobs fill very early, which means they disappear from the signup system.

We start on the Saturday morning before the sale date.

Saturday morning
Ability to lift 30 pounds
Lifting and bending

Remove items from storage at school and load into truck. Unpack this truck and large semi full of lumber at Grandstand. Move lumber and items on carts to locations inside the Grandstand for table setup.  Sign up online now

Section sign hanging
Monday morning, Tuesday
Ability to lift 30 pounds
Lifting and bending
Able to work 10 - 20 feet above the floor

Work on cherry picker to hang signs from the ceiling. 2 people operate from a height. A third person assists from the floor.  Sign up online now

Truck unloading
Monday afternoon, evening
Ability to lift 50 pounds
Lifting and bending

This job requires you to sign up with 1 other volunteer as a COVID-safe pod. You will unload large semi full of lumber and equipment with your COVIDsafe pod of other people. Sign up online now

Volunteers working after dark should bring a flashlight because the Fairgrounds’ exterior lights are not always lit.

Construction and setup
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday shifts
Ability to lift 30 pounds
Lifting and bending
Comfort with drills and screwdrivers (bring own power tool if possible) and gardening/construction gloves

Work varies: Assemble tables with a partner (social distancing, instruction provided). Hang strings for signs along the top of the tables. Clean up construction area as required. Sign up online now

Lawn sign distribution
This job is best done as a team of two people. The team will require access to a car or truck.
Lifting and bending

Pick up approximately 40 lawn signs from the Grandstand building on Tuesday before the sale, then distribute and place the signs at corners near the fairgrounds (by 8:00 am Wednesday morning). A map identifying where we expect to have signs placed will be provided.
The team that signs up for distributing these signs will also be expected to pick up these same signs on Sunday afternoon or evening after the sale and return them to school some time that week.  Sign up online now

Table signage
Detail orientation and ability to measure accurately and follow directions carefully
Assist with measuring spaces on tables for plants and mark with temporary signs. Hang plant signs above tables with clips so that two clips (top and bottom) are on each sign. Do not try to share clips with a sign from the other side of the table.  Sign up online now

Garden Fair setup
Work with the Garden Fair coordinator to get set up for the Garden Fair and help setup curbside loading tables. Work outside, so dress for the weather.  Sign up online now