Doing the Sale


All our photos are from past sales, so no one is wearing a mask.

Going through the Sale

We recommend wearing an 95-type mask over your nose and mouth inside the Grandstand. The sale's aisles are wider than in the past and the number of shoppers will be somewhat lower than pre-2020 as well.

Keep track of your purchases as you go through the sale. You can pick up a shopping list form at the door, or if you like to plan ahead, search plants on our website and save them to your My Plant List, then print out your list and bring it along. You can also hand-write your list ahead of time on our downloadable form (pdf, 12K). If you bring a list with you, you can cross out anything you don’t buy or change the quantity to your actual purchase as you go through the sale. 

We strongly recommend bringing your own cart or wagon to carry your plants. There are some shopping carts available at the sale, but they are in constant use. If you bring a wagon, please label it somehow so it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else’s; and don’t leave your wagon unattended. We love creative carts, but be sure to think about how your cart will function. We can’t allow any sleds, or wagons that are connected together like a train, because they’re hazardous to other shoppers. Here are some ideas from your fellow shoppers.

Temporary plant parking: If you're shopping and need to leave your plants somewhere while you get more, you can park them (with your name) in a ­volunteer-supervised area near the spot on the sale map where it says Enter Checkout Line. 

We encourage you to bring your own flats or trays more than ever (perhaps from a past year). Some shoppers find plastic storage bins work really well because they can be stacked.

Finding the Plants You’re Looking for

In the sale, the catalog numbers are your best means of locating the plants. Each category (such as Annuals or Perennials) has a letter to begin its catalog numbers (G for Grasses, H for Herbs). Remember — the numbers are assigned alphabetically by the common name we give the plants (for instance, Hollyhock, French, rather than French Hollyhock). Plants beginning with U are in Unusual and Rare Plants.

Plant listings that give the pot size as "bulb" or "bareroot" are located INSIDE on shelves between the Annual and Vegetable sections.

The Find Plants section of the site is great for searching ahead of time for plants that meet your needs. For instance, you can ask it to show you all the native flowers that are no more than 36" tall with yellow flowers that are good for bees and grow in part sun/part shade, or all the pink perennials with interesting foliage. Check it out when you're making your list!

We will restock plants before we open on Saturday morning if they are marked with the truck symbol.