About Green Twister

Forward-curving lime green petals on 4" flowers blend to magenta at the center. Each flower is a little different and the color gets even better on older plants.

A natural sport of Magnus. Because it is not a hybrid, its Minnesota winter survival is said to be better.

About Coneflower

Showy flowers with turned-back petals around a central cone midsummer into fall. Good for naturalizing, including hot, dry conditions. Good cut flower. Deadhead for extended bloom, but in late summer allow some flowers to set seed, providing food for winter birds. See more Coneflowers in Native Perennials.

Pot Size & Price
3.5-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun Partial Sun
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Restocks On Saturday

Other varieties of Coneflower

Echinacea Cygnet White, flowers with white reflexed petals and orange cone
Photo from the Wikimedia Commons by David Stang.

Baby White

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' blooms orange to pink
Friends School Plant Sale photo by Pat T.

Cheyenne Spirit

Echinacea 'Ruby Star', dark pink petals and dark cones
Photo from Skagit Gardens

Ruby Star