About Scarlet

Traditional variety with brilliant red flowers and 8” pods containing burgundy and black speckled beans. An heirloom listed in “The Gardener’s Dictionary” by English botanist Philip Miller in 1735. 65 days to bloom, up to 120 days for dry beans.

Fun fact #1: The species name, coccineus, comes from the Greek word meaning scarlet, the color of most varieties’ flowers. Fun fact #2: Runner beans climb up their support in a clockwise direction, unlike pole beans that climb counter-clockwise.

About Runner Beans

If grown for the showy sprays of bright flowers, keep the beans picked to encourage flowers. Pods filled with large 1" beans that are delicious eaten as shell beans or dried. Flowers and very young bean pods are also edible. Vigorous twining stems that need strong support. Native annual from the mountains of Mexico and Central America, they produce more pods in cooler weather.

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