About Wild Dotted Blazing Star

Narrow, horizontal leaves are interspersed with magenta-violet flowers. The most drought-tolerant blazing star, its roots go down 7–15'. Seed from the upper Midwest.

About Blazing Star

Vertical spikes of flowers. Loved by butterflies. Seeds eaten by birds.

Pot Size & Price
3.5-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits
Minnesota Native

Other varieties of Blazing Star

Liatris aspera, lavender button flowers with Monarch butterfly
Friends School Plant Sale photo by Nancy S.

Wild Button Blazing Star

Liatris ligulistylis, close up of the lavender button flowers on vertical spikes
Photo by Nadiatalent from the Wikimedia Commons

Wild Meadow Blazing Star

Liatris pycnostachya, lavender flower spike
Photo from Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder

Wild Prairie Blazing Star