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About Anna

Fruiting plant with penny-sized green fruits and a taste similar to pineapple. Ripens early to mid-October.

Berries may get a reddish purple blush when grown in full sun, but this is a response to the sun and not a sign of ripeness. Kiwiberries are ripe when they compress slightly with gentle pinching. High in vitamin C and potassium. Grow in any moist but well-drained soil. May need extra water in hot weather. Do not over-fertilize. See U of M Extension for pruning guidelines, trellising info, and more.

About Kiwi, Hardy

Not your fuzzy kiwis! Hardy kiwiberries have a thin, smooth, edible skin. They range in size from large blueberries to large grapes. Buds appear in late spring and may require protection from late frosts. Small, fragrant white flowers. Produces fruit in three to four years. Grow on a strong, T-shaped trellis. Mulch roots for winter protection. A pollenizing plant is required. Twining.

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1 gal. pot
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