About Nanouk

Leaves are shorter and wider than other varieties, with pink, white, purple, and green stripes. The backs of the young leaves are washed with magenta. Small flowers have white petals with pink tips, blooming from pink buds. A vigorous plant with thick leaves and stems, growing upright when young, then trailing 12–24". Bright indirect light indoors.

To settle the confusion about this plant's names, we are relying on the international cultivar registration authority for Tradescantia. It seems to be the same or very similar to plants named Lilac, Bubblegum, and Fantasy Venice, with various species names such as albiflora, zebrina, fluminensis, and blossfeldiana. If you like a good detective story.

About Spiderwort, Tropical

Popular, easy houseplants that can spend the summer adding interest to a shady garden. Some people are sensitive to the sap, and it's toxic to dogs and cats.

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