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50–75 days. Produces abundant small berries that turn dark blue when ready to eat. The taste is reminiscent of ground cherries, but sweeter. Ripe berries make a pleasant snack raw, but truly shine when cooked or sweetened.

Wikipedia says: "Its old scientific name that is still often seen, Solanum × burbankii, indicates a plant of hybrid origin. It was supposedly bred by Luther Burbank in the early 1900s as a hybrid of S. villosum and S. guineense but in fact S. retroflexum is a proper species of its own, while the supposed hybrid combination would not be viable due to different ploidy of S. guineense and S. villosum."

Looks similar to black nightshade, a close relative, but with more reliably delicious fruit and productivity. Unripe berries may be toxic so only eat fruit that has fully changed color. Also known as sunberry. Self-seeding annual.

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