About Wild Southern

Fragrant light blue to deep violet 3.5” flowers with yellow and white patches and prominent veining in late spring to early summer. Very similar to northern blue flag iris in appearance and habitat, with subtle differences in flower color and veining. Strappy, sword-shaped leaves. Native to inland swamps, marshes, and flood plains. Prefers consistent moisture. Also known as Shreve’s iris. Seed from Monroe County, Wis.

About Iris, Blue Flag

Brightens sunny marsh edges during early summer in the wild. Good for gardens with moist soil, too.

Pot Size & Price
3.5-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun Partial Sun
Plant Traits
Minnesota Native

Other varieties of Iris, Blue Flag

Iris versicolor, purple-blue iris with yellow on the falls
Photo by Friends School Plant Sale shopper Crystal C. Thanks, Crystal!

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