About Wild Buttonbush

Long bloom time as green balls transform into showy midsummer spherical fireworks. Fall seed heads are red, subsiding to brown as they persist into winter. Mason County, Mich., source.

From Ozark Edge Wild Flowers: "Find a button bush in bloom and go sit for a while to observe the activity around it. Take your camera or phone to capture some pictures. You’ll see all kinds of insects, spiders, bees, butterflies, moths, wasps and perhaps even a hummingbird buzzing around the big flower heads. You’ll understand very quickly why this plant is so important to our environment."

About Buttonbush

Attractive landscape shrub with 1–2" honey-scented white flower clusters. Upright, arching branches and glossy leaves. Good for moist soils and even standing water.

Pot Size & Price
5.25-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun Partial Sun
Plant Traits
Minnesota Native