About Bloomerang Dark Purple

Reblooming dwarf lilac produces purple-pink flowers from deep purple buds in spring and, after a rest period during the heat of summer, blooms again. It comes back, as its name says. Deer-resistant. Good fragrance and mildew resistance.

Love your lilac? Sorry when the flowers are gone? Then these lilacs are for you. Bountiful spring bloomers, these plants take a rest in early summer, then produce a smaller but nice bloom until frost. Deadheading right after spring bloom will encourage reblooming, but is not required. Small size expands placement opportunities, from summer container to hedge to accent in the flower garden.

About Lilac

Nothing says spring in Minnesota like fragrant lilacs. Prune flower clusters as needed immediately after blooming. Long-lived and easy to grow. Deer-resistant.

Pot Size & Price
5.25-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits