About Border Charm

Pale yellow, single flowers with small red flares. Vigorous and floriferous. Good choice for the smaller garden.

About Peony, Itoh

These crosses between woody and common peonies have stems that hold up well in rain (no support needed). Grows from the ground up each year like a common peony, but with large (5–9"), long-lasting flowers on stronger stems like a woody peony. Early summer bloom. Deer-resistant.

Pot Size & Price
2 gal. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits

Other varieties of Peony, Itoh

Paeonia Old Rose Dandy, semi-double flower in pink shades to almost yellow with red and gold at the center
Photo from the Wikimedia Commons by F.D.Richards.

Old Rose Dandy

Paeonia Double Pink Dandy, light pink peony with loosely arrayed petals
Photo from the JC Raulston Aboretum

Pink Double Dandy

Peony Raggedy Ann, light pink to white ragged petals, dark magenta center
Photo from Growing Colors

Raggedy Ann