Bringing your own cart, almost whatever size*, is a great way to make shopping easier. 

We supply some grocery carts, but there sometimes there are more shoppers than carts! Even a little red wagon will make your shopping easier.

(Do you wish you could bring one, but don't have enough room in your car? Folding wagons are available locally at Ace Hardware, Dick's, Costco, or Northern Tool. They're also available online.)

If you're able to bring something along and you're even a bit DIY inclined, here are some ideas from your fellow shoppers.

Woman with a flat of plants sitting on a baby stroller
A stroller is almost as good as a grocery cart, in terms of storage.


Black plastic crates on an L-shaped cart.
The small footprint of a cart like this makes shopping easy. And lots of protected storage space for your plants. 

Blue stacking bins on a push cart
Use what you have!

L-shaped base on wheels with 10 plastic bins with tops
You can use bins of different heights to get more plants into the same amount of space. This cart also has a tall, flexible flag on it so its owners can spot it across the room.


Fluorescent pink vertical shelves with wheels, full of plants

Probably our favorite cart of all time. Compact, but holds a lot of plants, and colorful! We don't know how they get it in the car with all their plants, though. It may come apart shelf by shelf.


Hand cart, vertical, with milk crates attached with stacked bungee cords

One of the simplest ideas: A hand cart with three milk crates held together by bungee cords. Comes apart in the, mobile during the sale... great idea!


A flat garden cart with wooden shelf structure built above to hold plants

Adding some structure on top of your green garden cart is a great way to go if you can haul the cart in your vehicle. The larger wheels on this type of cart are handy for the varying floor conditions.


Green garden cart with plastic 3-shelf unit sitting in it

This person took a cheap plastic shelf and put it into their green garden cart. Even easier than building shelves.


Three shelves made out of plastic sleds, connected white PVC pipes, with casters

Style points for this re-used of three sleds... We also watch for this guy and his cart (and license plate) every year! And it disassembles for transport.


Clear plastic bins bungeed to a hand cart turned horizontally

Turning a hand cart on its side is another option if you want to get more bins than will fit on the height of the hand cart, or have a tree or two you need to haul.


Little red metal wagon with rough wood structure built above to hold boxes

Adding some height and storage space to a Radio Flyer-type wagon, using scrap lumber.


Two metal milk crates sitting in a small metal kids' wagon

Or just stack some milk crates in your little metal wagon.


* NOTE: The only things we ask are that you NOT chain together more than one cart or wagon, and that you not drag a sled on the ground, because that's a tripping hazard for other shoppers.