Volunteer standing at a table under a banner that reads Find out about ZERO WASTEEach year, our commitment to educating and supporting a zero-waste plan at the plant sale continues to grow as beautifully as our gardens.  

The 2023 sale — our first year with a concerted zero-waste plan — was an enormous success! Many shoppers saw differences in how we were collecting waste, visited our tent in the Garden Fair, and noticed an increase of food vendor compost containers.  

In 2024, we continue our commitment with exciting new additions: 

  • More blog posts on our website with reuse project ideas as well as residential recycling information and zero-waste tricks for your home and garden.  
  • A raffle (see below) to encourage more people to bring their own containers to carry plants at the sale. Come visit us at the Zero Waste Tent in the Garden Fair while you’re waiting to shop. 

We’ll be showing what students at Friends School  of Minnesota have created with materials that­ would have ended up in the landfill after last year’s sale! 


Bring Your Own Crates, Boxes, Bins… 

Milk crate, plastic bins, tomato flats…to carry your plants and prevent waste. 

And enter the raffle to win prizes! 1 free ticket for each container. 

At the end of the sale, we’ll draw two tickets: 

  • one for a $100 gift certificate 
  • one for a #1 wristband
  • redeemable at the 2025 plant sale. 

See a Welcome Ambassador near the wristband booth or visit the Zero Waste Tent in the Garden Fair to get your tickets. The tent is also the place to turn in tickets for the drawing.