About Boulevard Acropolis

Magenta 3–4” flowers with spidery pale yellow centers. The compact, vigorous Boulevard Collection clematis from England bloom and rebloom profusely with flowers all the way to the ground June–September. Deadheading and feeding promote rebloom. Group 3.

About Clematis

Showy flowers in a range of colors and shapes. Best in full sun (unless noted otherwise), with roots protected from the hottest midday rays. Climbs by twining leaves that must grab something less than a half-inch in diameter. All clematis are toxic to people and pets. Deer- and rabbit-resistant. Great scrambling through shrubs or other supports, or even as a ground cover. For a note on pruning groups, see https://www.friendsschoolplantsale.com/clematis.

Pot Size & Price
1 gal. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits

Other varieties of Clematis

Clematis Rouge Cardinal, pink-red single flowers with dull gold centers
Photo by F.D. Richards from the Wikimedia Commons

Rouge Cardinal

Clemaitis Stolwijk Gold, blue-lavender flowers against yellow-green leaves
Photo by Reed from NARGS

Stolwijk Gold