About Wizard Sunset

Large apricot-red leaves, heart-shaped with gold scalloped edges.

About Coleus, Shade

Colorful leaves bring some excitement to a partly shady or shady corner. With a wide variety of leaf colors and shapes, coleus are fun to mix and match with flowers and other coleus varieties. Easy to grow, propagate from cuttings, and over-winter.

Pot Size & Price
4 plants in a pack
Sunlight Exposure
Partial Sun shade
Plant Traits
Cold Sensitive
Interesting Foliage

Other varieties of Coleus, Shade

Coleus Fairway Mix, a range of reds, yellow-greens, and pinks
Photo from Ball Horticulture

Fairway Mix

Coleus Wizard Jade, green leaves with white centers
Photo courtesy of Joel Ignacio, www.joeysplanting.com

Wizard Jade

Coleus Wizard Scarlet, red leaves with narrow yellow-green edges, toothed
Photo courtesy of Dave’s Garden user Kell.

Wizard Scarlet

Coleus Wizard Velvet Red, dark red leaes with light edges
Photo from Panama Seed

Wizard Velvet Red