Doing the Sale

Getting in

Shopping entry times, Thursday–Saturday

Due to COVID, we must limit the number of people shopping at a time. 

Sign up online for a single entry time on Thursday, Friday OR Saturday, May 6, 7, or 8, starting on April 1 at 8:00 a.m.

Reserved entry times are free of charge, but require a name, phone number and email address. (Each person who signs up needs to have their own email address when signing up.)

The signup system will not allow the same person to get more than one entry time, but you will be able to change or cancel your time.

Each person shopping will need their own entry time — unfortunately, you cannot bring a helper unless they have their own time slot. (The only exception is a registered Personal Care Attendant: they don’t need to be signed up and can accompany a shopper.)

Shopping entry times for the Sunday discount sale

Shopping entry times for the discount sale on Sunday, May 9,will be done separately from the main sale. They will become available on Saturday, May 8 at 5:00 p.m.

Signups will work the same way as the regular sale—one per person, each shopper needs their own reserved entry time.

We will send an email reminder Saturday evening about this signup, giving an idea of what range of plants are left.

If you'd like a reminder about these datessign up for an email reminder.

Getting to the sale

Recommended routes:

  • From north and south (including from I-94 or Highway 36), take Snelling Avenue to Como Avenue, then west to Canfield Avenue.
  • From the east, take Como Avenue west to Canfield Ave.
  • From St. Paul west of the Fair, take Cleveland Ave. to Commonwealth going east, which turns into Dan Patch Ave. on the Fairgrounds.
  • Use Canfield from either Dan Patch (going south) or Como Ave. (going north) to enter the Midway parking lot area. See the map.

Note: Please enter the sale area from the west side of the Midway parking lot. There is no entrance from the east end near the Grandstand or the area where the wristband booth usually is.

Metro Transit buses 

The Fairgrounds are served by the A Line rapid transit bus and the 84 local bus on Snelling Avenue and the 3 bus on Como Avenue.

Bus schedules, route planning from where you are, and Next Ride available here:

Parking and admission

Parking at the State Fair is free. The best parking this year is west of the sale area in the Midway parking lot. It’s also legal to park on non-posted streets within the Fairgrounds, but they are generally farther away from the entrance and exit.

Parking for people with handicapped hangtags will be marked in the Midway parking lot nearest to the entrance.

Admission to the Plant Sale is free but this year you must have a time slot reserved through our signup system.