Doing the Sale

Getting in

Wristband system in use each day for admission

Shoppers are given a ­paper wristband as they arrive at the Wristband Booth in the Garden Fair, one per person.

Before wristbands were handed out in 2022, we did vaccination verification (or negative testing verification). Details on this process are available on the COVID Safety page. In 2022, we continued to give out entry wristbands, whether numbered or unnumbered, all day, until close.

Wristbands are ­distributed ­starting at:

  • Friday: 6:30 a.m. (sale opens at 9:00)
  • Saturday: 8:15 a.m. (sale opens at 10:00)
  • Sunday: 9:00 a.m. (sale opens at 10:00 — all remaining plants 1/3 off)

Once the sale opens, you will enter the building in a group of other people who have the same ­number on their wristbands.

If you arrive early, plan to visit our ­outdoor Garden Fair after picking up your wristband.

If you have been waiting elsewhere or ­visiting the Garden Fair, please plan to be near the entrance at the west end of the Grandstand in time to line up with your group. Don’t ­worry…we’ll have volunteers to help.

­Please note: If you have friends arriving later than you or parking the car, they will be given a ­wristband number at the time of their arrival, not yours. This system makes the waiting process fair for everyone, and we appreciate your cooperation.

If you leave the area and return after your group has entered the building, you may go into the sale with the next group that’s ­admitted.

If you’re given an unnumbered wristband later in the day, you can enter the sale right afterward.

Getting to the sale

Recommended routes:

  • From north, south and east (including from I-94 or Highway 36), take Snelling Avenue to the main gate of the State Fair and find your way through the Fairgrounds to the Midway lot area.  
  • From St. Paul west of the Fair, take Cleveland Ave. to Commonwealth, which turns into Dan Patch Ave. on the Fairgrounds. The Midway can be accessed from Dan Patch Ave.

Metro Transit buses and bike access 

  • The best gate access to use is Gate 9 on the south side of the Fairgrounds. It is adjacent to the off-road bike path on Como and next to the Route 3 bus stops on Como Ave, two blocks from the A Line bus stops on Snelling. 
  • The Fairgrounds are served by the 3 bus on Como Avenue and the A Line rapid transit bus on Snelling Avenue.
  • Bus schedules, route planning from where you are, and Next Ride are available here:

Parking and admission

Admission to the Plant Sale is free.

Parking at the State Fair is free. There is a large lot southwest of the Grandstand (it’s the Midway during the Fair), and it’s legal to park on non-posted streets.

Parking for people with handicapped hangtags is in the east-most part of the Midway parking lot nearest to the Wristband Booth and also south of the Garden Fair along Carnes Avenue. Watch for the signs. Please call us at 651-621-8930 or email [email protected] with any questions about accessibility.