Doing the Sale

COVID Safety

There were two requirements for entrance to the 2022 sale:

1. Vaccine or testing for everyone ages 5+

  • Vaccination: If you're fully vaccinated, please bring proof of your vaccination. Either physical or digital copies are accepted. Booster shots are ­recommended but not required. The date of your last required vaccine (two Pfizer/Moderna shots or one Johnson & Johnson) must be at least 2 weeks before entry to the sale.
  • Testing: If you are not fully vaccinated, bring the documented results of a rapid COVID test done within 24 hours by an official test site such as a pharmacy or community test site or a PCR test done ­within 72 hours. Rapid self-tests performed at home are not accepted. Official rapid testing will be available at the sale, though the cost may or may not be covered by your insurance. Details here.
  • Children: The vaccine-or-testing ­requirement applies to children ages 5+. 

2. Masks

  • Everyone (age 2+) is required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth when within the sale area, inside and outside.
  • The sale area includes the curbside pickup area where our students volunteer. The parking lots and Garden Fair are not considered inside the sale area.
  • Mask definition: N95-type masks (without a vent) are strongly recommended. If sewn, masks should consist of at least two layers of material (no single-layer bandanas, scarves, or neck gaiters). Doubled-up masks (surgical mask with a fabric mask over it) are also good. Face shields can be used in addition to a mask, but not alone.


  • Food and drink for sale in the Garden Fair must be consumed outdoors in the Garden Fair area.
  • Everyone is asked to maintain social distancing as much as possible between people, whether volunteers or customers.   


Vaccine and Masking — Caring for Our Community

Caring for our community is a Quaker value, and Friends School of Minnesota sees a commitment to public health as part of caring for community.

Planning for the Friends School Plant Sale starts in September. Important decisions are made very early in the process. Requiring proof of vaccination and masks is one of those decisions. We didn't know what the COVID situation would be in May, especially when we made a commitment to the 1,000+ volunteers who signed up in February about their safety at this large public event.

We do know that the plant sale is a crowded space, and that COVID is airborne. For those reasons, we are erring on the side of caring for our community with these requirements, even though rules may continue to be eased in the broader community by May.

We are happy to be back at the Grandstand this year and back together with you, our plant sale community. Thank you for your care, support, and understanding.