About Stolwijk Gold

Placed against a dark background, this yellow-leafed clematis offers you beguiling contrast. Nodding, bell-shaped blue 2" flowers appear in May, changing to fluffy silver seed heads for fall interest. Group 1.

About Clematis

Showy flowers in a range of colors and shapes. Best in full sun (unless noted otherwise), with roots protected from the hottest midday rays. Climbs by twining leaves that must grab something less than a half-inch in diameter. All clematis are toxic to people and pets. Deer- and rabbit-resistant. Great scrambling through shrubs or other supports, or even as a ground cover. For a note on pruning groups, see https://www.friendsschoolplantsale.com/clematis.

Pot Size & Price
1 gal. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits

Other varieties of Clematis

Clematis Rouge Cardinal, pink-red single flowers with dull gold centers
Photo by F.D. Richards from the Wikimedia Commons

Rouge Cardinal