About African Tree, Nunum

A huge-leaved basil with a slightly spicy oregano taste. Makes great pesto and is delicious in salads, soups, pastas, vinegars, and jellies as well as in many African and Asian dishes. Used in traditional medicine as well as cooking. Known as clove basil in the East Indies and scent-leaf in parts of Africa. "Nunum" is its common name in Ghana.

About Basil

Great for tea, pesto, salads, and dressings. Remove flowers for best-tasting leaves, or keep them to feed the bees and butterflies. These annual plants are native to sunny, warm Mediterranean climates and will not withstand frost. Water regularly and provide good drainage. Don’t plant outdoors until late May. Note: It's a good idea to vary the location where you plant basil each year because it's susceptible to fungal diseases that accumulate in soil over time. Rotate your crops!

Pot Size & Price
4-in. pot
Sunlight Exposure
Full Sun
Plant Traits
Cold Sensitive
Edible Flowers

Other varieties of Basil

Basil Aroma, green elongated basil leaves
Photo from High Mowing Organic Seeds

Sweet Genovese, Aroma