About Raspberry Pixie

Chalky pink 1.5" flower with a luscious lemon throat edged in plum purple. Mid-season.

About Daylily

Garden favorites whose abundant flowers each last one day. Very easy to grow. Bloom times are early (late June–early July), mid-season (late July) or late (mid– to late August). Extended bloom means flowers last into evening. Rebloomers will bloom again, later. Tetraploid plants are huskier and have larger flowers. Be sure to plant your bareroot daylilies soon after purchase.

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Other varieties of Daylily

Hermocallis 'Bela Lugosi', dark purple daylily with yellow eye
Photo from Rush Creek Growers

Bela Lugosi

Hemerocallis Berrylicious, dark red petals with darker edges
Photo from Growing Colors


Hemerocallis Bettylen, red violet flower with narrow white edges, yellow green throat
Photo courtesy of Frida from garden.org


Big Time Happy daylily, lemon yellow flowers
Photo from the Missouri Botanical Garden's plant finder

Big Time Happy

Hemerocallis Calico Jack, yellow with dark burgundy center and edges
Photo from Garden World

Calico Jack

Diva's Choice daylily, pink recurved with yellow frilly edges
Photo from GardenWorld

Diva's Choice

Gentle Shepard daylily, almost white with a yellow-green throat
Photo from GardenWorld

Gentle Shepherd


Hanalei Bay

Hemerocallis Jekyll Island, pink-red flower with gold wavy edges, white midribs and yellow throat
Photo courtesy of Paul2032 from garden.org

Jekyll Island

Hemerocallis Lies and Lipstick, white petals with lipstick-red center and edges, green eye
Photo from Growing Colors

Lies and Lipstick

Hemerocallis Little Business, red pink flowers with gold throats
Photo used by permission from Dave's Garden user mystic

Little Business

Hemerocallis 'Moonlit Masquerade', ivory petals with dark red throat
Photo courtesy of Woottens of Wenhaston

Moonlit Masquerade

Hemerocallis Moses' Fire, red-orange double
Photo from Garden World

Moses' Fire

Hemerocallis Night Beacon, wine red recurved petals and yellow-green triangular eye zone
Friends School Plant Sale photo by Jenn.

Night Beacon

Hemerocallis Night Embers, very dark red double
Photo from Garden World

Night Embers

Hemerocallis 'Pandora's Box' cream petals, purple ring, yellow eye
Friends School Plant Sale photo by Jenn L.

Pandora's Box

Hemerocallis Double Pardon Me, solid red daylily
Photo from Growing Colors

Pardon Me, Double

Hemerocallis Pointed Perfections, two-tone orange daylily with pointed petals
Photo from Growing Colors

Pointed Perfection

Hemerocallis Princess Tutu, two-tone pink daylily with crimped edges and a green throat
Photo from Growing Colors

Princess Tutu

Hemerocallis Stella Supreme, bright yellow flowers with slightly darker yellow throats
Photo from Walter's Gardens

Stella Supreme

Hemerocallis You've Got Soul, two-tone purple daylily with a green throat
Photo from Growing Colors

You've Got Soul